"Do bands need a Website anymore?"

"No, not with MySpace" !!

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101 Reasons Why Your Band Needs A Website

  1. Owning a Website shows credibility, control and professionalism.
  2. If you want to be taken seriously by the music industry, you need a Website.
  3. By owning your own Website your band is playing to the world 24/7/365.
  4. A Website allows anyone to visit you, when They want.
  5. A Website is your Online Press Pack - you can change it at anytime (unlike the printed version).
  6. A well designed Website can give you a massive advantage over other bands that are similar to yours but don't have a Website.
  7. By owning your own Website you have full control over what visitors see and hear.
  8. Your Webspace (domain's storage capacity) shouldn't be an issue these days - so text, images and sound are almost limitless!
  9. The chances of your band being successful are improved when your band has a Website.
  10. Your fans want you to have a Website.
  11. A Website is a great place for your fans to network and show support by contributing to your: blog comments and forum.
  12. Your fans will assume that you already have a Website.
  13. A Website can provide instant gratification for hungry fans.
  14. You can provide privileged access to fans who are signed-up members.
  15. A Website allows you to set up and build a global fan base.
  16. With so many different types of wireless devices able to connect to the Internet, a Website enables you to provide a mobile download service 24/7/365 to anywhere.
  17. A Website is great for recruiting fans.
  18. Look after your most valuable asset, your fans, by giving them a fantastic and fun Website.
  19. With a Website it's much easier to work out who your real fans are.
  20. A Profile Page isn't a Website, it's a small part of a Website.
  21. A Website is for business, a Profile Page is for support.
  22. Your Website should be at the top of the promotion, marketing pyramid. Your many Profile Pages should form the strong foundation.
  23. There should be no technical issues with Your Own Website.
  24. The only limitation with a Website is you - not true for a Profile Page.
  25. Website design is very simple, and there's loads of free/cheap Website design software available.
  26. Profile Pages are basically all the same - however much time you spend on them; whereas Websites feel individual, special, different.
  27. Numbers of hits, numbers of comments and numbers of friends take on a more positive meaning when associated with a Website.
  28. Profile Pages usually have a lot of friends, comments & distractions that make the visitor click-off-and-away (never to return?) - that shouldn't be true with a Website.
  29. Potentially a Website can do much more for your band than a Profile Page could.
  30. Any advertising revenue generated by the Website is collected by You - if you own the Website, this is not normally the case with a Profile Page.
  31. Owning your own Website is important because your Profile Page might suddenly disappear ;)
  32. There is a difference between owning a Website and a Profile Page - You own the Website - MySpace isn't YourSpace, it's Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation's space.
  33. I think one needs a Real Website! MySpace, PureVolume and Profile Pages in general, or FreeWebs, Yahoo! GeoCities, LYCOS.tripod and other free webhosting type of pages are for amateurs - no offence meant, they have their place.
  34. A very cheap or free webhosting package is preferable to most Profile Pages.
  35. When you promote your Website you are promoting your band, but when you promote a Profile Page you are promoting them, the Profile host almost as much as your band.
  36. You own the © copyright of the contents your Website. Often with a Profile Page you share or relinquish your © copyright.
  37. Forwarding your domain name to your Profile Page's address is bollocks. Every band that has their domain name pointing to their Profile Page is missing an opportunity.
  38. Unsigned Band Promotion's Micro-Sites are the only Profile Pages that genuinely try to promote your band's Website - Micro-Sites Are By Invitation Only. --They're worth having a Website for!
  39. Your band can save massive amounts on printing costs.
  40. Your band can save money on distribution costs.
  41. I wonder how many bands think about customer service, a Website will improve customer service for your fans/customers.
  42. A fully automated Website will automatically process invoices and receipts for, merchandise sales, CD downloads, etc., immediately.
  43. By having a Website your band can reduce promotion and marketing material/distribution costs, including: flyers, posters, envelopes, CD Covers, etc,.
  44. By having a Website your band can reduce stationary and postage costs.
  45. By having a Website your band can reduce printing, copying and telephone charges esp. long distance telephone calls.
  46. By having a Website your band can help save the planet.
  47. Attaching your domain name to your Website will endorse and validate your band name.
  48. When you promote your Website you are promoting your band.
  49. When you promote your Website you are achieving a goal.
  50. By promoting your Website you are also informing as many relevant people as possible about a gig date.
  51. By promoting your Website you are also getting as many people as possible to hear your music.
  52. When you have a Website you will be able to reach new markets.
  53. A Website will make you a global band.
  54. A Website will take you instantly from a local band to a national and international band.
  55. By having a Website you will present a professional image to the music industry.
  56. For credibility, a band must have their own Website.
  57. A Website will make you look bigger/better than you actually are.
  58. Many bands who are considered as your competitors will probably just have a MySpace Profile, by having a Website you've got one up on them.
  59. Post the pictures, videos and recordings you feel will best promote your band - without censorship!
  60. Websites are wonderful for supporting your chosen charity.
  61. A Website will support and promote your band name.
  62. Networking is easy with a Website - it's called linking!
  63. By making your Website a focal point, you are starting to maximise your marketing efforts.
  64. By creating your own Website you have the opportunity to show off your band's artistic talents.
  65. A band's Website reflects the band's image.
  66. Customising a Profile Page is a waste of time, Designing a Website isn't!
  67. Owning a Website should be good value for money as the webhosting industry is very competitive - £100 per anum is expensive!
  68. With a Website you can get 3,000 MB (storage) webspace with full technical support and reliability.
  69. With a Website you can get 50 GB (transfer) of traffic.
  70. With a Website you can get 300 email addresses.
  71. With a Website you can get a shopping cart and/or a PayPal shopping cart.
  72. With a Website you can prevent unwanted advertising.
  73. You have full control over the contents.
  74. With a Website you get a memorable URL.
  75. It's easy to get a professionally hosted Website.
  76. It's easy to build a Website.
  77. A Website is the best place to direct the music industry to view your band's: Press Pack, Biography, Contact Details, Gig Listings, Downloads, Merchandise, Reviews, News/Blog, Images, Mailing List Sign-up.
  78. A Website is The place to collect email addresses for a mailing list.
  79. A Website is the place to put articles and press releases about your band.
  80. Bands of the same genre want a link back from your Website.
  81. If you are into blogging, get a Website, Google loves blogs ;)
  82. Dynamic HTML and content is only really possible if you own the website.
  83. If you want to run CGI/Perl scripts you need a real Website.
  84. If you want to run JavaScript you need a Website.
  85. A Website + E-commerce = Money.
  86. Invest in yourself - invest in your band, with a Website.
  87. A Website will help you to build your music business.
  88. A Website will help your band earn a living from your music.
  89. With a Website you can make the most of being an affiliate.
  90. Start accepting credit card payments.
  91. How many bands have their own shop (you don't have to just sell Ts & CDs)? You need a Website ;)
  92. Marketing solutions become less of a problem.
  93. Providing secure online payments is possible with PayPal for even the smallest band - but by having your own Website it will give your customers more confidence, so they are more likely to buy.
  94. With a Website it's easy to set up a Music Store.
  95. Sell and distribute your music, CDs and MP3s directly from your Website.
  96. Sell your merchandise from your Website.
  97. Websites are great for collecting email addresses with a mailing list sign-up form -
    they go together like Rock & Roll.
  98. Most Webhosts provide auto-responders (for sending auto-response emails), they're great for instantly replying to a request.
  99. It's MUCH easier to get sponsorship if you have a website.
  100. A Website is an important part of branding your band.
  101. New fans are hot and desperately want to listen to how you sound, buy a CD, subscribe to your mailing list, see your next gig dates, interact with you; with a Website it's all much more personable.
  102. Blogging is great for promotion and business, by including a blog within your Website it can be very profitable.
  103. Get an edge, get a Website.
  104. iPower Website Hosting

Written by Ian Robson
IanUnsigned Band Promotion help musicians and artists to get their websites noticed by fans, search engines and the music industry in half the time they could do it on their own. Find UBP on and Twitter. Ian has been working on website promotion techniques since 1994.


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