The Band Promotion Project

How to get involved with the Band Promotion Project

There are No sign-ups, or scams and the whole thing is free - just email and ask for help and you are a part of the project (include 'NOSPAM' in the subject or it may get accidentally deleted); please read: Writing An Effective Email Asking For Help.

The Various Band Promotion Research Projects 2004/5 - 2012

The results of which can be found in articles on UBP and on the Band Promotion Blog. Some results are kept unpublished as a competitive advantage.

  1. Website sructure, design and metacontent.
    • What to look for in a website for the arts (DIY website check)
    • What constitutes as a real website.
  2. Splash pages, landing pages and Micro-Sites.
  3. Links and linking, the various methods and development.
  4. Header tags, meta information and promoting genre.
  5. Search engine optimization including geo-targeting.
  6. Website marketing strategies.
  7. Website promotion and the social media.
    • How many friends/followers are actual fans - the calculation.
  8. The creation of a simple website promotion strategy.
  9. Empowering independent artists to be truly independent.

Free practical help and technical support from UnsignedBandPromotion

We do not arrange gigs or bookings. And we do not help bands to promote their social media profiles. You need a real website. However, we Do get our hands dirty and help with your website promotion; we will give some technical support if you get into difficulties - just ask!

  1. Do-it-yourself website check
  2. Get a link to your website
  3. 151 ways to get your band's name out there
  4. How to make your website famous in a weekend
  5. Resources

This is a free service

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