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The Humms play what they call "Happy Hippie Horror Rock" and has also been described as "Scooby Punk", a phrase coined by the band. The recordings shimmer with the circus sounds of the 60s influenced by the colorful side of life, horror movies and lyrics that wrap around your mind.

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Gypsy Farm Records

2010: Lemonland
2009: Are You Dead?
2008: The Humms/Ice Creams Split
2008: The Humms Demo


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The Humms garage rock band athens georgia - tasty world athens GA

The Humms garage rock band Athens Georgia at Tasty World Athens GA
The Humms were formed in March of 2008 by Zeke Sayer with friend Tyler Glenn in Hartwell, GA. They recorded the first songs in Zeke's studio which was (at the time) housed in a 1950's mobile home and was self-proclaimed to be haunted by the previous owner of the property who died right outside of the studio. Two months later in May they added a drummer, John Bleech. They practiced in Zeke's living room for five months, often playing for who ever happened to be around the house during parties on the weekends. In October, they played their first official show at Tasty World in Athens, GA.

By February of 2009, Zeke obtained a van from the town's local funeral home which lead to such projects as "Humms on the Run" where the boys drove to 12+ locations in one afternoon and by using power from the van's cigarette lighter, they played one song at each location. No one except by-standers and the band themselves actually saw the "shows" as all of the locations were desolate dusty roads, abandoned houses and industrial plants. The entire event was taped but has not been released. The band had also began touring during this time but only on the weekends due to John and Tyler still being in high school. They would drive over 1200 miles in a day to play one show, and then often head straight back. In between touring, the band managed to record an album's worth of material that was never released, although four of those tracks came out on the band's debut EP "Are You Dead?" that was released in London in June 2009 by Oddbox Records.

Also in June 2009, the band relocated to Athens, GA and gained a slim but sturdy following from playing the local clubs like Caledonia Lounge and the 40 Watt. They also gained distance on their normal tour stops playing shows in Mobile, Memphis, Nashville and more. In November directly after a show, Tyler and John left the band due to undisclosed reasons. Zeke moved back to his home/studio in Shoal Creek, GA and began work on the first Humms record which is due to come out Summer 2010 along with the support a tour/new members. - Zeke Sayer


Tasty World - Athens, Georgia

Tasty World Athens Georgia
Tasty World was a two-story rock club housed in the old Fridgidare building in the heart of downtown Athens, and is Georgia's friendliest live music venue. Tasty World prides itself on being musically diverse - it is - and we love their rock nights.

Tasty World - Athens, Georgia Official Website Defunct

How to find: Tasty World - Athens, Georgia
312 East Broad St.,
Athens, Georgia
Box Office - (706)543-0797

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Gypsy Farm Records

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The Humms
Gypsy Farm Records
3191 Providence Ch. Rd.
Lavonia, GA. 30553

Zeke Sayer: Vocals, Guitar, Keys - Epiphone Guitars, Vox Amps & MXR Pedals
Backing Group: Various


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