101 Resources For Independent Bands

Of course, this 101 resources page for independent bands is always being checked and updated however, if you find a broken link please let me know, or if you want to be included and exchange links with us, go to: Links & Banners - all the instructions of what to do are there - simply, you link to unsignedbandpromotion.com, let us know and we link back. But you must be a True Resource For Independent Bands.


  1. Band Promotion Blog - All new articles are now posted on my blog.
  2. Garden Lighting Berkshire - About content and linking.
  3. New Genre meta tag for bands - Suck it and see!
  4. Syndicated gig listings
  5. Band promotion for unsigned bands
  6. Webhosting for unsigned bands
  7. Band promotion by email gig newsletter
  8. A free band website template
  9. How to make money online by selling music
  10. How to get links
  11. How to promote your band via its website
  12. Promotion using links trick
  13. Online promotion package


  1. 151 Ways To Get Your Band's Name Out there
  2. 101 Resources for Marketing Music
  3. 101 Band Promotion Ideas
  4. 101 Reasons Why Your Band Needs A Website
  5. band promotion tips 101


If you are a band promoter: Get Listed Now

  1. Band Promoters PROMOTION for Band Promoters
  2. E3 Band Agency - booking and promotional services for bands. E3 Artists Entertainment Agency are always interested in hearing from new bands.


  1. Audio Naked Free music licensing service helping independent artists:- music in movies, commercials, television shows, video games...
  2. band name world-wide band names registry
  3. Bandonkers Find musicians in your local area and create a band!
  4. Canadian Recording Services NOT a studio. Offers free referrals to studios, audio engineers and producers.
  5. cdbaby sell your cds here
  6. clubknowledge create an "interview" for your website
  7. creativecommons make a copyright license
  8. dmoz Open Directory Project
  9. Independent Music Advice a free guide showing you how to maximise your talent to succeed within the music industry - without the help of a major record label.
  10. IODA independent online distribution alliance
  11. Lee & Thompson Solicitors - Music Guide - entertainment law firm with experience in all areas of the industry.
  12. Music Law Advice the first ever Independent Music Law site for musicians in the U.K.
  13. Music Law Updates developments in Intellectual Property law and other areas of law relevant to the music and entertainment industries
  14. musicmoz The Open Music Project
  15. onemusic now: Introducing. all you need to make it! [bbc]
  16. PRS for Music
  17. pressbox free press release distribution
  18. Villa Music Rights
  19. Word of Mouth Marketing Association

BLOGGING - is good for band promotion

  1. Band Promotion Blog
  2. blogger
  3. bloglines
  4. The Hype Machine
  5. search engine journal blog search engine news
  6. WordPress.com get a free blog with amazing features.
  7. WordPress.org download to host it yourself.
  8. ypulse

SET UP SHOP & Sell Your Music Downloads

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly

  1. lulu.com looking for self publishing resources? Lulu.com lets you publish and sell and print on demand books, eBooks, online music, images, custom calendars and books.
  2. PayPal will allow you to accept credit cards and handle customer contact like invoices, receipts and returns. They do take a small percentage from each transaction - on the sale of a CD it should be less than £0.50 - but there is no minimum or monthly charge. The PayPal shopping cart is very easy to set up and integrate with your website. Sign up NOW and start accepting credit card payments instantly.


  1. drowned in sound
  2. klubkat
  3. new musical express
  4. spill online


  1. dischord
  2. function records
  3. LibreRock Records
  4. modern city records
  5. Nervous Records
  6. Punkalicious Records
  7. too pure
  8. wikipedia list of record labels
  9. wikipedia list of independent UK record labels


  1. Artistopia
  2. Beta Records
  3. Facebook
  4. GarageBand
  5. HXC mp3 now: stereokiller.com
  6. Indie Music
  7. ISound
  8. JukeboxAlive
  9. LemonRock
  10. Mixposure
  11. Music Lives Beyond
  12. MySpace [ADD US!]
  13. PureVolume
  14. Sonicbids
  15. SoundClick
  16. Twitter [ADD US]
  17. Unsigned Rock Zone
  18. VIRB [good]


  1. ColorHexa color encyclopedia - information and conversion [*handy]
  2. css validation [w3]
  3. DMA online privacy policy generator
  4. Extreme Tracker
  5. Fagan Finder URLinfo [*handy]
  6. Google Adsense
  7. Google Analytics
  8. Google Webmasters
  9. Google Blogsearch Ping
  10. Google Zeitgeist
  11. HTML 4.0 Reference
  12. iPower Website Hosting - they offer the most powerful, affordable and reliable web hosting plan. I'm an affiliate.
  13. Keyword Density
  14. Keyword - metaspy
  15. Meta tag generator
  16. Network Solutions Free domain name (.com, .net, .org, .us, .biz, etc.) annual web hosting. I'm an affiliate
  17. Open Source Web Design
  18. page rank [pagerank] [*nice/ handy]
  19. PageRank Tool Page Rank Checker is a completely free tool to check the Page Rank value of your web site easily and possibly display your web site's page rank right on your web pages. - ideal for unsigned bands
  20. phpbb PHPBB open source bulletin board package [a bit techie]
  21. quanta webdesign unsigned bands promotion links and Website Design
  22. TAW [disability access] [*notable]
  23. Varian Dreamview
  24. W3C HTML Validation [*notable]
  25. Web Reference
  26. Web Standards


  1. IXfm
  2. Girls Rock Radio - Internet radio featuring all-girl and girl-fronted bands :)
  3. Unsigned Artists Radio

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