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<BODY> *important* this is what it looks like -
<body bgcolor="#ffffff">

The viewable content of the webpage goes between the BODY tags. I always include the background colour. If the browser is old and unable to read my CSS, I may not want it defaulting to grey!

<H1> *important* this is what it looks like -
<h1>YourBandName indie rock band TownName</h1>

The H1 (Heading Level 1) tag is the most significant of six levels. I recommend the use of H1 to H3 only. Don't use a subheader level unless you plan to use at least two. i.e. if you use two H2 don't use a single H3 beneath. The H1 tag should be as near to the BODY tag as possible and repeat the title of the webpage. The other subheadings should include the keywords and/or keyword phrases that you most want to be found for.
Example of typical use:
<h2>Indie Rock Band</h2>

<A> *very important* this is what it looks like -
<a title="indie rock band in TownName"

The anchor <A> tag defines the hypertext destination, it makes website navigation possible! Use easily identifiable textual links that are consistent and show how your website is organized. The title attribute supplies a 'pop-up' piece of extra text. When linking from an internal webpage to the main (index.html) home page always use an absolute link, i.e. Don't forget to check that all the links work.

Incoming links (backward links) are very important for a band's website. It is one of the ways future fans will find you and how the search engines may rank you (a link to your website is like a vote for your website). To get links you have to give links, it's called reciprocal linking. Reciprocal linking with like minded websites (other bands) is the very best way to start promoting your band's website, and it's free! It's a good idea to create some link code to make linking to you easier.

<IMG> & MULTIMEDIA this is what they look like -
<img src="images/YourBandName-logo.gif" border=0 width="150" height="150" alt="text version">
<a title="Released 1:05:2005, 2m:37s, 2.55mb,
download 56K = 5m" href="mp3/YourDemoName.mp3">YourDemoName</a>

Always include the ALT attribute, which is a text version (a very short description) of your image. Search engines will only look at text, the ALT attribute represents some text, therefore this may help with page rank. Obviously it's a good place for keywords, be very careful not to spam. Text only browsers will show the ALT attribute instead of the image.

Sounds and graphics enhance a website, after all, the internet Is meant to be an entertaining and visual medium, yards of text can be bad for business. Never use Auto Streaming of music on initial load, it's bad form and often slow, many people surf while listening to music or use a text reader. Always let the surfer choose or you will turn people away. Be careful how you use images, if you have to many and/or they are to big they will increase the loading time of the webpage - NOT GOOD - you only have three seconds and one chance to make a first impression!

</BODY> & </HEAD> tags closed -

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