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I've thought of an elegant online promotion trick. It's not entirely ethical in my opinion, but it will work. You're not going to get famous over night with this idea, it's more, just another small piece in the big jigsaw. My idea revolves around linking - we should all be doing that anyway.

Bands tend by their very nature to have individual names. I'll call my example band "The Flying Footstools". If a person looking for them knows their name, fine, with a name like The Flying Footstools they'll definitely be number one in the search engines and easily found. However, the only extra interest they will attract from the search engines are people looking for Flying Lessons and Funky Footstools! Actually, online promotion for bands is difficult, it's totally unlike promoting a holiday website that has many thousands of keyword combinations available to use for online promotion. The Flying Footstools are not going to attract much attention from potential fans (who are idly surfing the WWW) unless they create an angle.

Here is how they can do it - you too:
the website's opening page (index.html) needs to be a news page or best of all a blog ( The page must be updated with about 25 words twice a week (that's 50 naturally flowing words) and should be archived every four months (that's around 400 words, which is the maximum). It is important that you use natural language, too many unusual words creates a problem. The news might be about the next gig, so it would be perfectly natural to talk liberally about supporting bands and venues etc.

This is the main bit, what you do is this:
instead of linking to the bands or venue directly from the opening page, you point the links to your links.html page, where the legitimate links are. This means that you now have some descriptive text and a couple of links (one is the all important internal link) to each of the bands, venues and whatever. The search engines will like it, so will the visitors. Now, when a person is looking for say, Shabba in the search engines your website is there too. In fact if your website is setup correctly it might be above Shabba's, so you're now being found for something else other than just your band's name, all within a genuine context. This method could massively multiply your hit rate. That's elegant.

What I don't like about this method is:
when I click on a link to Shabba, I expect to go directly to their website, not to some jazzed up links page! However, Shabba is only two clicks away, that's supposed to be acceptable!?


on the index.html opening page:
<p>We've a confirmed gig for 3:05:2005, 8:00pm at
<a href="links.html#theblackduck">The Black Duck</a>.
Our two support acts will be
<a href="links.html#drprune">Dr Prune</a> and
<a href="links.html#shabba">Shabba</a>.</p>

on the links.html page:
<li><a name="drprune" href="">Dr Prune</a></li>
<li><a name="shabba" href="">Shabba</a></li>
<li><a name="theblackduck" href="">The Black Duck</a></li>

note: by naming the links on the links.html page and setting the "a:active" to an obvious colour in the cascading style sheet, when the surfer lands on the links page (with lots of links) the appropriate link will be highlighted!

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