Here is the New GENRE Meta Tag for bands!!!
<meta name="Abstract" content="('' Genre: alt rock experimental)">

The new "Genre" meta tag is placed within the header (<HEAD> </HEAD>) tag. See below for the details.

Please Note:
the "Genre" Meta tag WILL NOT sky-rocket your band's website to #1 in the search engines. However, used in conjunction with the TITLE Meta tag, it should improve your SE position - it might not as well - I'd use it instead of the KEYWORDS Meta tag.

How to do it!!

Copy & Paste your "Genre" into the text box below, where it says description_here.
Then Cut & Paste the meta tag code into the HEAD of your index.html page. Replace with your website address.

Meta tag code

Unsigned Band Promotion are promoting the new "Genre" meta tag for bands, so bands can be found in the search engines by their specific genre (it's a bit of a long shot).

search Google [links in bold] for your genre and search MySpace Profiles [using Google] for your genre, to get an idea of where you stand and find new contacts.

List of suggested genres

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