151 Ways To Get Your Band's Name Out there "In NO particular order!"

  1. Use your band's name as your URL (www.YourBandName.com).
  2. A hard one: Change your band's name if you're unable to acquire it for your URL and/or your social networking accounts.
  3. Get a .com or .co.uk URL. It's what everyone expects.
  4. Put your band's name and URL on everything: CD covers, CDs, videos, leaflets for using at gigs, posters, flyers, business cards, and stationary. Just put your band's name and URL on everything - Get some compliments slips.
  5. Include your band's contact details on all marketing material.
  6. When the URL is printed, always double check the printer got it right.
  7. Put your band's name and URL Clearly onto T-shirts - wear them.
  8. Write a promotional message. Share.
  9. Write a strapline including these elements: Band's name and structure. Genre. Hometown. Share the strapline.
  10. Write a profile that includes these elements: Band's name and structure. Genre. Hometown. V.brief time-line. Band members names (inc. instruments & history). Hook (what makes you different). Accomplishments. Interesting facts. Release time-line. Influences. Media quotes. Approaching events. Venue(s). Call to action with contact details. Share.
  11. Create different versions of your bio for the various social media sites and your website. Bios shouldn't be static, they need to be regularly updated and of the now, just like a CV.
  12. Design flyers with a prominent band name, simple image and the minimum of V.easy to read text.
  13. Associate your band's name with a product that is related to your band's genre.
  14. Promote your band's name by collaborating with a local fashion outlet.
  15. Submit your details to DMOZ.
  16. Hand out two business cards instead of one to new people you meet - one for a friend.
  17. Put your name on bumper stickers for all your vehicles.
  18. Create an advertising flyer for your band, could be used as part of a goodie bag - great for gigs, include free gift information.
  19. Network and forge relationships with anyone and everyone related to your genre and in the industry!
  20. Create a brilliant, distinctive avatar / logo - use it for all your networking profiles.
  21. Using the five senses: hearing, sight, touch, smell and taste, create different perceptions of your band's name - very powerful.
  22. Start a Webring related to your genre - operate it from your website.
  23. Join in with Webinars related to your genre.
  24. Join Facebook add old school friends, distant family... leave comments. Each band member should also have an account!
  25. Create a Facebook Page for the band.
  26. Get a ReverbNation My Band Page App. for Facebook.
  27. Start a Facebook fan site to support your band - add friends, leave comments.
  28. Rotate your band's Facebook Cover Photo regularly - but keep it within your branding goals.
  29. Join Twitter, follow local bands of the same genre and their followers.
  30. Follow @BandPromotion - I usually follow back & RT gig your dates.
  31. Ask your @e-team, @fans, @friends and @family to join Twitter then ask them to retweet (RT) your important posts.
  32. Join in with conversations and Tweet about your genre, don't just talk about yourself.
  33. Use your band's name as your Twitter name!
  34. Always include your real location. Where you live is a selling point and essential information for booking agents - think about your geographics, locality is important.
  35. Write an intriguing Twitter profile bio that describes your band in fewer than 160 characters. Everyone who visits your profile will read this, but more importantly, everyone who's thinking about following you will read it too.
  36. Include a link to your Website in your profile, not to your Facebook page. Promote your website first over social media profiles; and think about which way the traffic flows to and from your website.
  37. By using the hashtag (#) symbol, participate in focused discussion, e.g. on your genre: #FolkRock.
  38. After a gig, have an after show Twitter party, invite the crowd - use #YourBandName.
  39. Join YouTube, follow local bands of the same genre.
  40. Make a video.
  41. Put your band's video on YouTube.
  42. Leave interesting comments on other band's videos.
  43. Add your band's video to your website and share generally.
  44. Make a spoof video trailer advertising your genre related product. Use the band and your music. A viral chance.
  45. Join MySpace, add friends, leave comments - even though MySpace is not so popular.
  46. Start a MySpace Group related to your band and/or genre.
  47. Join MySpace Groups related to your genre.
  48. Start a MySpace fan site / group to support your band - add friends, leave comments.
  49. Join ReverbNation. They say, "We make it easy for artists to update their digital presence, expand their fan base, and make money." Loads of tools for bands.
  50. Start a blog - I like WordPress.com - it's hard work and time consuming, but it's one of the best ways to get your band's name out there.
  51. Share your blog with your social networking sites.
  52. Visit and comment on the same blogs that your fans use.
  53. Leave comments on blogs related to your genre and musical interests.
  54. Join Forums, they aren't dead yet! And they are very good for focused discussion.
  55. Create a V.short, snappy, eye catching signature that includes your band's name and URL for blogs and forums.
  56. Answer questions in genre related blogs and forums.
  57. Occasionally use a question for the title of your blog and forum posts.
  58. Please Note: What you actually have to say in blogs and forums, will promote your band's name better than the link back contained within your signature, so don't be put off if the blog or forum doesn't allow links.
  59. Get yourself a Website iPower Website Hosting - I am an affiliate.
  60. Kill the competition with an original website topic/theme.
  61. Introduce a new angle into your website, weave in the theme of your next album.
  62. Sort out your Meta Tags. Need help? See: Meta tag generator - don't understand about meta tags? Shoot me an email for more help.
  63. Check your TITLE tags: Keep the title tag short. Put your band's name first if it's a common one - last if it's not, use lowercase and no punctuation. e.g: "rock band reading - the flying footstools"
  64. Check your DESCRIPTION meta tags: A short readable sentence with minimal punctuation of no more than 150 characters including spaces. Put your band's name first, use lowercase, only use one comer and end with a full stop. e.g: "the flying footstools are an indie rock band from reading berkshire, first saturday of each month we play open-mic at the black duck in henley on thames."
  65. Check your KEYWORDS meta tags: Only include the most frequently used keywords contained within the title, description and the webpage, use lowercase. e.g: "the flying footstools, rock band, reading, berkshire, black duck, henley on thames"
  66. Don't use the same meta tag contents / information for every webpage, it should be targeted.
  67. Include your band's name in the AUTHOR meta tag: Helps with authenticity (also, put the email address within an <address></address> tag).
  68. Unify your web presence by creating a simple, bold and easy to recognize: avatar and/or logo, banner image, flyers - think branding, consistency and identity.
  69. Promote your band's name by setting up a music store. See: How To Sell Music Online also: Marketing Music With Affiliate Marketing.
  70. Create an Online Promotion Package or an Electric Promotion Kit... Whatever... See: Online Promotion Package.
  71. Link to bands (same or complementary genre) from your website and blog, talk about your gigs with them, use photos.
  72. Aim to build an online community: website, blog, combined with an email newsletter.
  73. Keep it very local to start with, it's easy to get your name out locally, then spread the word wider and wider as you naturally grow.
  74. Include a "Bookmark This Page" link - easy with JavaScript, ask for more details.
  75. When asking for a link back, always provide your link code - think about your keywords.
  76. Aim to be found for something else other than your band's name, like: YourGenre + YourLocation.
  77. Never rely solely on the social media, get a website.
  78. Keep your website up-to-date and of the now.
  79. Create individual landing pages for each of your songs.
  80. Make your website easy to read - no text::background clashing or transparency confusion issues.
  81. Make your website easy to navigate by using a uniform layout and textual links.
  82. Create a link page to your reviews and your reviewers.
  83. Speed-up the download time of your website and put your most important message centre screen.
  84. Use search engine optimisation (SEO) to promote your band's name. See: SEO on Band Promotion Blog
  85. Search for keywords related to your genre and band's name, use them on your website.
  86. Publish an eBook of your music, lyrics, poems, artworks and photographs.
  87. Write an eBook for each of your albums.
  88. Translate your lyrics into foreign languages.
  89. Create a simple brochure. Use it as part of your goodie bag.
  90. Create a newsletter about your band, genre, etc., publish once a month.
  91. Start your first database/emailing list by pooling your band members' email address books.
  92. Send out your first email-shot, *give* everyone your latest mp3 - Ask Them To Share It.
  93. All band members email addresses should include your band's website address: BandMember@YourBandName.com - now every time you email you're advertising your website.
  94. Write a press release and post it to Record of the Day - Paul needs talking to first.
  95. Send press releases and news articles to free press release distribution services - [registration required] premium services/ paid versions always available! Good for short term exposure. I've got a little list, please ask.
  96. Invite super-fans to review your music and gigs, good or bad, include them on your website or blog.
  97. Create an extensive photograph gallery of your fans.
  98. Post an advertisement/ flyer in your local news paper window (if they've got a shop outlet).
  99. Target local press with articles, press releases, news...
  100. Also try the specialist music press with same...
  101. E-zines, blogs and E-newspapers always need content, give them some.
  102. Do a podcast about your genre.
  103. Submit your profile to newspapers. Get to know the culture/ music reporters - follow them on Twitter, take them for a beer, give them free tickets.
  104. To create messages that connect with your fans, you have to listen to your fans. Relentless self-promotion will turn fans off and you'll never get your name out there.
  105. Start a street-team to hand out flyers, post stickers...
  106. Start an e-team to spread the word about you in blogs, forums, Social Media...
  107. Get the e-team to start a fan-site.
  108. Ask super-fans to submit your blog posts to social bookmarking sites.
  109. Ask super-fans to buy your music, spread the word, tell a friend, etc.
  110. Ask your local record store to give away a copy of your album to their top 50 customers.
  111. Give away a free T-shirt to achieving super-fans as a thank you.
  112. Ask Your e-Team To:
    Target the social media profiles of the bands that have influenced you.
  113. Target the social media profiles of the bands who sound like you.
  114. Target the social media profiles of music magazines.
  115. Target the social media profiles of local bands.
  116. Target the social media profiles of local organisations.
  117. Ask your fans, friends and family to Text their friends with your: promotional message, next gig date, Website address...
  118. Ask your fans, friends and family to help get your name out there.
  119. Run a contest - Prize should be gig tickets.
  120. Hang-out with your fans after a gig, buy a few drinks, hand out a few goodie bags.
  121. Invite super-fans for a coffee to the local cafe.
  122. Host open house even at your next recording session.
  123. Visit the venues (pubs, clubs, coffee bars, shops, etc.) where your target fans are - network.
  124. Always Thank your fans, friends and family for supporting your band - the minimum, send a card.
  125. Send a thank you note, handwritten on the inside cover of your favourite paperback.
  126. Champion and support other local bands, especially of the same genre. Don't forget, other bands have fickle fans too.
  127. Network at gigs like crazy - you'll need some business cards.
  128. Find out when and where other bands are gigging - support them and network.
  129. Only send out gig invitations to the people who are realistically able to come, not to the world wide web - it pisses people off and has the opposite effect of getting your name out there!
  130. Write a song that includes your band's name; think, Bad Romance by Lady GaGa!
  131. Create a ringtone/ jingle around your band's name.
  132. Share the cost of a newspaper ad with other bands playing the same gig.
  133. Get your name out there by donating to and supporting local charities - it's hugely rewarding.
  134. Charities and other non-profit organizations need support at local events - offer to play (FOC).
  135. Announce the types of local events you're happy to play at next to your contact information on your website.
  136. Play super-fans' (local) functions (FOC).
  137. Do some free gigs with other local bands.
  138. Encourage fans, friends and family and other bands to support your charities. The more people involved, the more chance of getting your name out there.
  139. Be a guest speaker at your local secondary schools; give a half hour talk about the music industry...
  140. Attend charitable events in your community - network.
  141. Sponsor an event, collaborate with a non-profit organization - it doesn't need to be big or expensive.
  142. Volunteer your band's time - where your T-shirts.
  143. Busk for your charity, see: Busking Cancer as a good example. Maybe ask your charity for their support ;)
  144. Merchandise, freebies and goodie bag stuff, all can be imprinted with your band's name :)
  145. Here are some merchandise ideas: Badges, Bumper Stickers, Caps, Hats and Visors, CDs and Demos, Drum Sticks, Fake Tattoos, Frisbees, Greeting Cards, Guitar Picks, Imprinted Bic Pens, Key-Rings, Lanyards, Lighters, Matchbooks, Mugs, Portfolio of Signed Pictures, Posters, Stickers, Sweatshirts, T-shirts, Wall Calendars... look around for online solutions and deals.
  146. Create a range of branded e-cards and greeting cards.
  147. When you give something away it doesn't have to be imprinted with your band's name. Try Mr Pound, eBay, charity shops, etc.
  148. Sell (or give as prizes) cheap memory sticks of your latest gig.
  149. Make a free CD sampler with local bands of the same or complementary genre.
  150. Produce a goodie bag of free stuff that relates to your genre. Buy it cheap - Mr Pound, eBay, charity shops, etc.
  151. Common merchandise for bands includes: CD physicals, T-shirts, button badges, plectrums, and fake tattoos - all should be imprinted with your band's name.
  152. Set up a Google Alert for your band's name and genre, i.e: indie folk rock, so you can monitor the Web and find out who's talking about your band and pass a comment.
  153. Treat everyone the same, each fan is your most important fan, there's no such thing as fan aristocracy; super-fans are those that put in the most effort and spend the most money, but they're no more important in the hierarchy than your newest fan.

Written by Ian Robson
IanUnsigned Band Promotion help musicians and artists to get their websites noticed by fans, search engines and the music industry in half the time they could do it on their own. Find UBP on and Twitter. Ian has been working on website promotion techniques since 1994.


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