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Bookers of all new independent music. Log on to hear the best of what the independent music scene has to offer.

We at Gojangle try and help bands take that next step to reaching their ultimate musical dreams. With over 10000 bands on the web site and a listening base of over 40 countries, we average over 12,000 hits a day. That's 400,000 people from all over the world listening to your music every month.

Creating partnerships within the industry is something else that Gojangle have in it's portfolio. Partnerships with companies like Acoustic Chicago, who aim to create and promote simple acoustic melodies and Kooba Radio, the UK's fastest growing Internet based radio station. These can only aid the development of bands.

Feel free to contact anyone at Gojangle, we are all happy to help in any way we can, whether that's with submitting your music and videos to the website, or getting hooked up with one of the music venues we represent.


  1. Create an account on Gojangle (www.gojangle.com/bandname)
  2. Upload pictures, text/bio, mp3s and video
  3. Start submitting to shows. These submissions will become available to all Gojangle venues
  4. Receive your free digital press kit and send that to your mail list (dpk.gojangle.com/bandname)
  5. Receive comments from fans and post them to your profile

Venues and Promoters:

  1. Create an account on Gojangle (www.gojangle.com/venue or promoter name)
  2. Upload pictures, text/bio, etc.
  3. Start creating shows. These shows will become available to all Gojangle musicians
  4. Musicians will then see you have shows available and are looking to book the event up
  5. Musicians will then submit their Digital Press Kit to you and inside your account area you can see who has submitted, view their DPK and contact them if you are interested in them playing your event


  1. Create an account on Gojangle (www.gojangle.com/fanname)
  2. Upload pictures, text/bio, etc.
  3. Create your own playlist using the standalone Gojangle player
  4. Listen to a database of over 10,000 tracks, or simply play the one you add to your play list
  5. Rate each band as you hear it, add yourself as a fan and receive their mailers and send the bands a comment



The Fiesta Cantina Music Lounge is a late-night dance club in the heart of Wrigleyville, is home of the world's most infamous Margaritas and all the great Chicago indie bands.

The Live Music Lounge (Gojangle 1) features a 350 capacity room, 2 stages, a full sound system & lighting rig, and exceptional acoustics. The Live Music Lounge rivals any venue in the city, it's in a prime location and is exclusively booked and hosted by Chicago's own Gojangle.

If you are interested in performing at the Fiesta Cantina Live Music Lounge, email Alex: alex@gojangle.com with your band's press kit or Join Gojangle NOW, and get Gojangle's Digital Press Kit ~ FREE, send it by email.

Fiesta Cantina
3407 N. Clark St.,
Chicago, IL.60657
Tel: 773 975 5980


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