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Fake Gods are an acoustic folk rock duo from central Scotland, formed in 2005. The band's warm and natural sound is a product of an organic music making progress which has been honed over several years.

"We aim to soak up the best of our influences and to avoid being derivative. We intend to stay the distance and create records that people revisit time and again".

Influences: Tom Waits, The Who, Emmylou Harris, Richard Shindell, Lucinda Williams, Tragically Hip, Drive-By Truckers,The Hold Steady, R.E.M, Wilco, many more.


2009: Fake Gods/Wine To Water



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Fake Gods acoustic folk rock band Glasgow, Scotland

The Fake Gods' first gigs in 2005 were very well-received and subsequent shows have garnered similar acclaim. After writing songs through much of 2006, the band convened at a church hall in 2007 to lay the foundations for its debut album, the aptly titled Wine To Water. Songs therein range from the poignant, reflective Shattered and Wine To Water to the quirky, angst-fuelled The 28.

Their debut album 'Wine To Water' was released on 28 April 2009. The album showcases the band's material alongside some carefully selected cover versions including Richard Shindell, The The and Tragically Hip.

The band undertook all aspects of arranging, recording, mixing, and album artwork and will take the same approach to promotion and distribution.

Promotion commenced with a gig in Ahaus, Germany in May 2009 with a number of shows to follow over the remainder of the year.


The Mixing Rooms - Glasgow

We played one of the our first gigs at The Mixing Rooms, Glasgow in 2006 as part of a 4-band promotional event. It was a great venue to play at such an early stage in our development as a live band, as it had an enthusiastic, polite audience and friendly staff. A flurry of people came in from the hotel next door and most of them stayed for the duration of our set. The Mixing Rooms is marketed as a venue for live music as much a pub and undoubtedly this helps to bring in a more discerning crowd.

How to find: The Mixing Rooms - Glasgow
226 West Regent St.,
Glasgow, G2 4DQ

The Mixing Rooms - Glasgow on Google Maps


All Enquiries

e: Alex@fakegods.com

Alex McGhie: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards
Alan Wood: Acoustic, Electric & Bass Guitars, Harmonica


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