Email Newsletter - The Ultimate Promotion Tool

The Internet is the perfect place for the dissemination of information and email is the ultimate promotion tool if you know how to use it. Your website is The ideal place to gather your fans email addresses so you can inform them about your gig dates, and the cost of sending out an email newsletter from your PC is practically nothing, so it's almost always good value!

Keeping your fans informed is the main action that will pay big dividends, as it will create a link between you and your fans, and increase the size of your audience.

Basically, all you need is:

My two keywords are "keep it simple" and "content". Create a simple HTML email update from your normal email client and send it to everyone in your mailing list. Use the BCC (blind carbon copy) option so you don't show and distribute everyone's email address. Concentrate your efforts on the quality content. When your mailing list goes over 250, you should start thinking of getting a professional system (Email Marketing by Constant Contact makes it easy to connect with your customers. Try it FREE for 60-Days. - maybe).

Email Newsletter Statistics Trick

All band promotion efforts require you to keep track of the statistics so you can hone or tweak the method accordingly. If you are doing it all on the cheap via your email client at home - it's not easy, for instance: it's difficult working out how many of your fans are actually opening up and reading your newsletter. Here's an easy (but not perfect) trick:

The email newsletter needs to be sent out and received in HTML format. Create a single pixel transparent 'png' (that is 1px x 1px png image) and name it (let's say) by date of issue for unique tracking. Upload the image to your web server. Before you send out the email newsletter, place the appropriate png at the very top of the email. The code might look like this:

<img src="" border="0" width="1" height="1" />

Now you will be able to use your website's "Activity Report" to see how many fans are opening your email newsletter. Every time one of your fans opens up the email newsletter it will register one hit on the 1x1 png, it's not perfectly accurate, it may be inflated because it doesn't differentiate between the number of times the email is viewed and the number of fans who view the email. But, it will give you a good approximation.

Going Professional

The easiest, quickest and often the most economic way to get up and running with a professional system that will collect the email addresses of your site's visitors (with a "Join Our Mailing List" sign-up) and then enable you to compile and send a compelling email newsletter is to get Constant Contact - Try it FREE for 60-Days. or MailChimp - free up to 2,000 subscribers, 12,000 emails per month.

What You Get

You get: A customisable website visitor sign up form for your website; Professional templates (newsletters, promos, invites and more); Add a "forward to friend" to every email; Manages and hosts your subscriber list (including unsubscribe and bounce management); Automatic delivery in the correct format, HTML or text; Full real-time statistics report (including opens, who clicked on which links etc.) - basically, everything you need.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is easy and affordable and in my opinion slightly better than MailChimp (I was an affiliate of both, but I am no longer an affiliate of MailChimp!). You can try Constant Contact for free as they offer a 60 day free trial, which I definitely think is worth a go. Click here to sign up for your Free Trial with Constant Contact.

A website and a newsletter go together like Rock and Roll.

Written by Ian Robson
IanUnsigned Band Promotion help musicians and artists to get their websites noticed by fans, search engines and the music industry in half the time they could do it on their own. Find UBP on and Twitter. Ian has been working on website promotion techniques since 1994.


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