Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is storing, tagging and sharing your bookmarked links with friends and others with a similar interest. By saving your bookmarks (MSIE favorites) Online, it allows you to access your bookmarked links from almost any Internet browser - which is good news in this ever mobile world.

If you feel that an article on Unsigned Band Promotion is worth sharing with friends or you want to bookmark it for future reference, click on one of the icons to add the page to your list. You will need to create an account with your preferred Social Bookmark Site/Sites as they do require you to register. That done, you can start bookmarking :)

For more information and a full description of social bookmarking, see: social bookmarking on Wikipedia

From a band promotion angle: by bookmarking your own "news and gig dates" and getting fans, friends and family to do the same, social bookmarking is a simple way of effectively promoting your band and your band's Website. And to that end, please feel free to copy the JavaScript code and paste the bookmarking buttons on your Website - that's it, now every time someone clicks, you will get backlinks, returning visitors and most importantly you'll be promoting yourself :)