101 Band Promotion Ideas "In NO particular order!"

  1. Join Facebook, add old school friends, distant family... leave comments on walls.
  2. Get a ReverbNation My Band Page App. for Facebook.
  3. Start a Facebook fan site to support your band - add friends, leave comments.
  4. Add Unsigned Band Promotion to your Facebook Friends List.
  5. Rotate your band's Facebook avatar regularly - but keep it within your branding goal.
  6. MySpace, Join, add friends, leave comments.
  7. Start a MySpace Group related to your band and/or genre.
  8. Join MySpace Groups related to your genre.
  9. Start a MySpace fan site to support your band - add friends, leave comments.
  10. Start a MySpace fan Group to support your band.
  11. Add Unsigned Band Promotion to your MySpace Friends List.
  12. Rotate your band's MySpace avatar regularly - but keep it within your branding goal.
  13. Quit MySpace When Andrew Dubber marked Sunday October 24th 2010 as 'Quit MySpace Day', it's time to leave MySpace without comment - could this be the best tip here? "Hey! We're not on MySpace much, but we can continue to be friends on Facebook" - Band quote of 2010?
  14. Network and forge relationships with anyone in the business!
  15. Tell your fans about your Website and Social Media blogs.
  16. Visit and post on the same Forums and Blogs that your fans use.
  17. Start a blog on your Website and or Wordpress. Then see: The Hype Machine.
  18. Leave comments in blogs related to your genre.
  19. Create a short, snappy signature that includes your band's name and URL for blogs and forums.
  20. Answer questions in genre related forums and blogs.
  21. Try using a question for the title of your forum/blog posts.
  22. Use your band's name as your URL (www.YourBandName.com). If you can't get your band's name as your domain name, make your domain name short and memorable.
  23. Get a .com or .co.uk URL. Register your domain name with Network Solutions - nsWebAddress®©. Includes free instant homepage, local directory listing and 24/7 real person support - A great start-up deal!
  24. Put your URL on everything: CD covers, CDs, videos leaflets at gigs, posters, flyers, business cards, press releases and stationary, even put it on it's own piece of paper.
  25. Double check the printer got it right!
  26. Put the band's name and URL clearly onto T-shirts, and make sure you always wear them.
  27. Design your flyers with a simple bold image and the minimum of (easy to read) text.
  28. You will have greater success and less competition if the topic/theme of your website is original!
  29. Introduce a new angle, like weaving the themes of your songs into the website design, it may also help with the look and feel of the website - this is almost "branding your band".
  30. Brand your band with a product that's related to your band's genre.
  31. Brand your band with the help of a local fashion boutique.
  32. Always wear clothes that reflect your music.
  33. Get your hair re-styled - so you look different!
  34. Sort out your Meta Tags. See: Meta tag generator.
  35. Improve your band's opening page. See: Band promotion for unsigned bands - if you only do one thing, do this.
  36. Sort out your band's name, Webhosting and Website design requirements. See: Webhosting for unsigned bands.
  37. Get yourself a Website. See: iPower Website Hosting and A free band website template.
  38. Set up a music store and sell your band's toons. See: How to make money online by selling music.
  39. Create an Online Promotion Package or an Electric Promotion Kit... Whatever... See: Online Promotion Package.
  40. Get the new - Genre meta tag for bands [suck it and see!]
  41. Link to other bands (same genre) from your Website, blogs and forum.
  42. Here is a list of where to add your band's profile and music.
  43. Aim to build an online community, forums may help as they could give valuable feedback. They also may not!! I think blogs work best, combined with an email newsletter.
  44. Keep it all local to start with, build a local fanbase.
  45. Include a "Tell A Friend" link with your press release - easy with JavaScript.
  46. Include a "Bookmark This Page" link - easy with JavaScript.
  47. When asking for a link, always provide your link code.
  48. Make sure your Website is easy to read (no text/background clashes).
  49. Make sure your Website is easy to navigate (provide text links).
  50. Create a link page to your reviews and your reviewers.
  51. Speed-up the download time of your Website.
  52. Try some search engine optimisation. See: band promotion for unsigned bands
  53. Look for keywords related to your genre and use them on your Website.
  54. Join/start a Webring related to your genre.
  55. When setting promotion or marketing targets be realistic, the Web's a tough place. Recruit a promoter (fan, friend or family).
  56. Create a newsletter about your band and genre. See: Band promotion by email gig newsletter
  57. Write a press release and post it to www.musicmog.com.
  58. Seek out, find and use young and exciting band photographers. They often work for free ;)
  59. Create an extensive gallery of band photographs.
  60. Start a street-team to hand out flyers, post stickers...
  61. Start an e-team to spread the word about you in blogs, forums,Social Media...
  62. Start a fan-club with its own Website.
  63. Ask fans to submit your bloggings to Social Bookmarking Websites.
  64. Ask fans to: buy your music, spread the word, tell a friend...
  65. Ask your local record/music shop to give away your free CD/demo.
  66. Give away free T-shirts to achieving members of your fan club.
  67. Run a contest!
  68. Find out where your fans are.
  69. Ask your e-team to target the Social Media profiles of the bands that have influenced you.
  70. Ask your e-team to target the Social Media profiles of the bands who sound like you.
  71. Ask your e-team to target the Social Media profiles of music magazines.
  72. Ask your e-team to target the Social Media profiles of local bands.
  73. Ask your e-team to target the Social Media profiles of local organisations.
  74. Do some free gigs with other local bands.
  75. Make a free CD sampler with local bands of the same genre.
  76. Offer free stuff that relates to your genre. Buy it cheap from eBay.
  77. Non-profit organisations often need support at local events. If your band fits the bill, offer to play.
  78. Tell everyone the kinds of events/gigs you're happy to play next to your contact information.
  79. Offer to play at fan club members' (local) private parties, BBQs, etc.
  80. Write a controversial/political song.
  81. Translate your lyrics into foreign languages.
  82. Publish an eBook of your lyrics, poems and photographs.
  83. Make a video.
  84. Put your band's video on YouTube.
  85. Create a ringtone.
  86. Exchange gig dates with local bands and bands of the same genre. see Syndicated Gig Listings.
  87. Trade links for links. You need links.
  88. Create an e-card.
  89. Search Google for Websites related to your genre. See: Genre meta tag for bands.
  90. Search Social Media for Websites related to your genre - add them as friends. See: Genre meta tag for bands.
  91. If you're immersed in the Internet, you may have forgotten that most people still get the majority of their marketing messages through traditional channels. Post a flyer in the local shop.
  92. Create a promotional message.
  93. Ask your fans, friends and family to Text their friends with your: promotional message, next gig date, Website address...
  94. Research your genre within Wikipedia i.e. "rock bands wiki".
  95. Write a Wikipedia article about your genre, add a link to your band's Website.
  96. Submit your band's Website details to Wikipedia. Don't forget DMOZ.
  97. Give something away, it doesn't have to be branded. Try Mr Pound!
  98. Sell cheap memory sticks of your gig.
  99. Target your local press with articles, press releases, news...
  100. Also try the specialist music press with same...
  101. E-zines always need content, give them some.
  102. Research file-sharing Websites like Napster ;D
  103. Don't rely on the social media, get a Website.
  104. Start your first database/emailing list by pooling your band members' email address books.
  105. Send out your first email-shot, ask everyone to buy your latest MP3 for 75p - Oh! and pass it on.
  106. Recruit an enthusiastic aunt to look after your email list.
  107. Find/seek your band's "niche" in the marketplace.
  108. Create a theme for your Website and social media profiles related to your niche.
  109. Ask your fans, friends and family to support you.
  110. Join Twitter, start following, post what's happening.
  111. Follow us @BandPromotion on Twitter (I usually follow back & RT gig dates).
  112. Ask your @e-team, @fans, @friends and @family to join Twitter then ask them to retweet (RT) your important posts.
  113. ...more of the same, join Facebook ect., ect.

Written by Ian Robson
IanUnsigned Band Promotion help musicians and artists to get their websites noticed by fans, search engines and the music industry in half the time they could do it on their own. Find UBP on and Twitter. Ian has been working on website promotion techniques since 1994.


101 Band Promotion Ideas is offered to you under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License, which means: it's yours to use as long as you Attribute the work to Unsigned Band Promotion and Link Back. See: © copyright

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