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January 4, 2013

Happy 2013

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Happy 2013! Just thought I’d better make some kind of post to show you that I’m still alive.

Over the course of this year, I will be working with @Matt_LDN to build LibreRock Records - Stay tuned :) xx

December 5, 2012

The Top 10 Ways To Get Your Website Noticed By The Music Industry

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Vivendi own Universal Music Group (UMG) the world's leading music company

In What’s Going Wrong With Your Music Career - imperceptible bollocks logic I said, and I still say, If you are having trouble getting your music noticed, revisit Your Three Core Essentials: Music and Performance, your Business Plan and how you connect with people, Connectivity. You’ll find that one core essential follows on from another.

It’s exactly the same with your Website, but this time it’s Content and Connectivity!

  1. Give your website its yearly SEO check-up, see: Band Promotion Using Search Engine Optimization - while you’re at it, make sure you have included your full contact details, everywhere.
  2. A well managed website is indicative of a well managed band; record labels are looking for signs of responsibility and professionalism.
  3. Be where the music industry hangs out; register your band’s name on the major social networking channels.
  4. Content and Connectivity :: Produce and Share Content via your Website and social media - unique, little and often.
  5. Focus on branding your band across your web presence - BTW don’t get known as the brand that spams!
  6. Link to your website! Your band’s website is at the centre of your Internet - traffic flows towards your website.
  7. Use a well made music video as part of your marketing effort.
  8. Blog About Your Genre. Invite/ ask music industry bloggers to contribute. And for God’s sake, be engaging.
  9. Select images of your band AND of your fans as a promotional tool that will spark conversations. Use a professional photographer.
  10. Gig. Performing gigs will increase the numbers of visitors to your website, partly because of the spin-off effect from promoting the gig.

Written by Ian Robson

IanUnsigned Band Promotion help musicians and artists to get their websites noticed by fans, search engines and the music industry in half the time they could do it on their own. Find UBP on and Twitter. Ian has been working on website promotion techniques since 1994.

November 3, 2012

UBP updating site for Independent bands

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I’m in the process of updating the UnsignedBandPromotion Website!

October 17, 2012

Build Yourself A Microsite

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The Malloys

Very partly inspired by @molovo - molovo - who make hand-made awesome-filled websites - I created a new example microsite: The Malloys; as I’m in the slow process of updating/ rewriting UnsignedBandPromotion, I’ve updated How To Build A Microsite and I have deleted fifteen old microsites.

October 16, 2012

How to get your music heard - Making it big online #MusicMarketing

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How to get your music heard - Making it big online infographic

Jessie Kuwada from @TopInfographics Killer Infographics sent us this trendy infographic, Check out how to get your music heard & make it big online!

Killer Infographics have produced an artful visualization of our 101 Resources for Marketing Music - nice one :) xx

October 8, 2012

An Urban Poet With A Lot Of Soul

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Soul Urban Poet

I met Reuben (@soulurbanpoet) of Soul Urban Poet on Twitter and I’ve been looking forward to the launch of his new website. Obviously, the site is pretty well brand spanking new and needs to ripen a little, but it is very good nevertheless.

Here is what the Soul Urban Poet says:

A website is probably one of the most crucial items for a musician now a days, yet it’s something I’ve never had luck with up until a couple of weeks back. The struggle I’ve had with websites over the years, you wouldn’t believe me if I told you!

I’ve owned a domain name for the last 3 years and never once used it. Which I then went and changed when I finally did get a site up and running! The trouble I’ve always found with web designers, is they are either way to cheap to be true, i.e I’ve had several websites started and several websites incomplete or they have been so bloody expensive. I even applied for financial funding one year to get one built, but to no pleasure I’m afraid. So I just thought, well I am just gunna have to continue bothering people on social media sites such as Facebook, twitter etc., how ever irritating I was becoming to my friends and family.

Then a couple of years later I meet my girl friend who although can cook a mean curry, sadly has basic to no skills with a computer and absolutely no idea how to build a website.

Well she went and locked her self away, only armed with a laptop that can’t be unplugged from the wall, as it will just die, a 2 litre bottle of coke and a handful of peperami’s, and then just tells me “Right, I’m getting sick of you asking me to “Like” everything you do on Facebook, you need a website man!” Now at the time I’m sure it was just an excuse to let me down gently, but low and behold four days later she makes a return, looking tired and frail, but she had made me this stunning website, with everything just the way I wanted it - chuffed!

Yes I’m guilty of playing around with it and moving all the headers up, for me to then go and winge like a baby that I want it all back down again. so she then had to spend hours doing everything all over again, but that could be exactly why I’m now banned for editing my own website!?

Marry her immediately Reuben.

Soul Urban Poet Gallery

For me, the important thing about a website is that it reflects the aura/ personality of the owner. Does Soul Urban Poet’s site achieve that goal? Yes, I think so. The funny thing is, when I first looked at the site, “She’s Leaving Home” (The Beatles 1967 Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band) popped into my head! I’ve no idea why, maybe it’s got something to do with social realism and urban poetry?

I did have a laugh though, when I checked out the site on W3C Markup Validator, they came up with ‘1001 Errors’ - Wow! I’m sure there’s not that many to worry about Reuben, their HTML5 checker is an experimental feature and may not be quite up-to-date. Mind you, I think that was the most errors I’ve ever seen :D

Brilliant Gallery BTW, a lot of bands could learn a thing or two from your girl friend, well done :)

September 28, 2012

Punkalicious Records #RecordLabel #BandPromotion

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Punkalicious Records - New opportunity for new and unsigned acts to get their music heard

Punkalicious Records @PunkaliciousRec are helping young, unsigned and independent punk/ rock/ metal bands to get their music heard by collaborating with them to produce a number of compilation albums.

There is a small, nominal fee of £5, which will be put towards production and marketing costs, but the profits will be shared out (evenly I hope).

If that sounds good? Then get in touch :) Facebook & Twitter

September 18, 2012

Backlink Builder

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Here is a great little F’ree Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tool by Backlink Builder helps you to discover new places that might give you a backlink - one of the most important factors in SEO. Type in your genre ie., Rock Music; it’ll search for websites of the theme/genre you specify, and contain key-phrases like: add link, add site, add url, add url, submit url, add article etc., potentially awesome, very handy :)

Backlink Builder
Enter Keyword (Theme/Genre)

BTW, there is a CAPTCHA thingy that you’ve got to enter to continue!

September 15, 2012

Website Checklist For Artists, Musicians and Bands

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Website Checklist For Artists, Musicians and Bands | Check your website yourself - C.I.Y [check-it-yourself]

August 19, 2012

Major Artists Make A Big Splash With A Webpage

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Diroski - Building Success In The Music Industry by Connecting, Building Relationships, Reaching Out To The Media & Not Relying On Facebook or Myspace

The Website DIROSKI seems to be down - So Link Removed

Gemma Diroski Lou left a comment on my blog post Facebook Versus Your Website #BandPromotion and of course, as per usual, I visited her website. What caught my eye and got me thinking, was the advertisment and title of Gemma’s first music industry report, “Aren’t Splash Pages Just Stupid Barriers To Real Content?” With a subtitle of, “So why do major artists make you and their fans go through them?” Yeah, I’m looking forward to reading that (due out 30th August ‘12 [it’s running late]) because it’s been one of my pet subjects since 2004.

And I thought, “what’s needed here is an off-the-cuff preemptive blog post” - a sort of pre-post, as opposed to a follow up post. I’m Not trying to be confrontational. Anyway, I often have a go at newbie bands who’ve got a new website and their opening page is a splash page, so I thought I’d better state my case - BTW, splash pages aren’t as fashionable as they used to be, thank God.

A Splash Page is nothing more than an introductory opening page that precedes the website’s main home page, a little like a magazine cover. They usually contain Very Little Content, just a massive attention grabbing image of the band or Flash thingamabob that acts as a link to the band’s home page ‘CLICK HERE TO ENTER SITE’; or worse, the link points to one of the band’s social media profiles like SoundCloud or Facebook …turns out the band hasn’t got a website, just a bloody splash page!

If a band wants to maximise their website’s promotional effectiveness, they should not have a splash page. Having a splash page is one of the most extravagant promotional luxuries for normal independent artists, it’s pure vanity and is a colossal mistake - there, I’ve said it! However, there is more to this than meets the eye.

The clue is in the subtitle “So why do major artists make you and their fans go through them?” Major Artists. The reason some major artists direct visitors through their splash pages is because they are acting as Sales Pages (squeeze page, landing page). These pages will often include three elements, image of band with Enter Site Here, their latest video and a link to ticket sales or album sales. And they work because of the extremely high volumes of targeted traffic.

I’ve an inkling Gemma’s report is going to look positively at splash pages and recommend that artists use them as a sales page or even a pre-sales page; however, splash pages don’t really work for independent artists because they don’t have the same widespread exposure or high volumes of traffic visiting their websites as the major artists. Independent artists should concentrate on search engines, networking (including web links) and real world methods (i.e. visitors type the URL directly into the address bar) for their visitors - yeah I know that might sound boring and a little defeatist. This means Search Engine Optimization (SEO) becomes very important as does usability.

One of the main issues with splash pages is their lack of content that’s required for SEO (see: What’s on your index page? An article from 2004 & needs updating, but the message is there), search engines will list the splash page because it’s the default index.html page, meaning the homepage (where all the content is) isn’t necessarily listed; also, web crawlers have a tendency to hang on splash pages (caused by Script & Flash) and consequently may never fully index the rest of the website! It is textual content that makes search engines understand your website, without it they may misunderstand your website and might list it incorrectly.

I know what you’re thinking, ‘I’ll add some content!’ Well, a splash page with real content isn’t really a splash page anymore!

A splash page makes the visitor click through to find the content that they are looking for, that’s Unfriendly Usability. People don’t like interruptions and being messed around! The faster you can get your messages across, the more likely you are to be successful. So, excessively large images and Flash which can cause download speed and user device problems are big no-nos - usability is always important to website design and productiveness.

Looking positively at splash pages; they do play an essential role in warning us about controlled content on adult, alcohol, gambling and gaming related websites - they’re not all bad.

An independent artist’s website exists to promote the artist to a wider audience, to enable the artist to have full control over their business, and to introduce an air of Stability (a key word. Might also be called professionalism) in an otherwise turbulent and fast moving world wide web. I think an artist’s or band’s opening page should be a simplified version of their press pack, that contains everything a new visitor or fan is looking for!

If you MUST have a Splash Page make sure it includes: 1. An exciting free gift. 2. Your latest video. 3. Album details. 4. An attractive ‘Download/Buy Now’ button (album cover). 5. A mailing list sign-up form. 6. Details for your next gig. 7. Images of fans. 8. Your contact details. 9. Links to the rest of your website. 10. Your photograph and a written description of who and where you are.

Oh, and BTW, I hate it when I follow a link from an artist’s Facebook page to their website only to find a massive image of the artist and a daft link back to their Facebook page - Bounce Rate or Yo-yo effect?

Written by Ian Robson
IanUnsigned Band Promotion help musicians and artists to get their websites noticed by fans, search engines and the music industry in half the time they could do it on their own. Find UBP on and Twitter. Ian has been working on website promotion techniques since 1994.

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