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January 28, 2010

Video Drum Head Are Video Dick Heads

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Video Drum Head Are Copycats

Video Drum Head - Video Drum Head are Video Dick Heads

Video Drum Head Have Copied My ‘Old’ Home Page!

…And the reason Video Drum Head are copying Unsigned Band Promotion is because, I am number one in Google for “Band Promotion”. Video Drum Head just don’t get it. And yes, I did send Video Drum Head an email. And no, Video Drum Head did not reply or remove the content! And do you know what? At the bottom of the Video Drum Head page is, Content copyright 2009-2010. Video Drum Head. All rights reserved. Video Drum Head Are Video Dick Heads - I wouldn’t deal with them or trust them. God Help Me.

Cutting The Crap,
Unsigned Band Promotion
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and the music industry in half the time they could do it on their own ~

January 25, 2010

Swanzai - Website Design For Indie Bands

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Swanzai Design | quality graphic and web site design for bandsI was contacted by Michael Swando of Swanzai - he wants a link, I wonder if he’ll link back? I doubt it! I get the impression he’s on the up - he has done some very good posters. This is what he has to say about himself: is a small graphic design firm based in Chicago, IL, specializing in creating high-end show posters, websites, flyers, and merchandise for bands and musicians. We’ve got over 8 years experience and dozens of stunning posters and websites already created for bands in Detroit, Chicago, and Phoenix. On top of this, we’ve adjusted our pricing down to nearly self-defeatingly low rates, and pulled out all the stops to bring in every unsigned band who needs the step-up quality design can give you.

Hanging out, working, and living with numerous musicians and bands over the past 4-5 years especially has opened our eyes to the symbiotic relationship between visual artists and bands. Oftentimes a band can be identified by a unique visual style that accompanies their music in the forms of Album Art, Merchandise, Show Posters and now Websites, and similarly - the work that designers do could scarcely be possible without the legacy of musicians sharing their music for inspiration.

Swanzai understands this. We also understand the budget unsigned artists can be under, and the priority of getting your music out there so the world can hear. We believe our prices are about as low as can be justified, and we’re working to include more relevant discounted package deals. Not every band has the pull to afford a different show poster for every show, so we make it easy to buy a discounted set of different posters that are reusable - just write in the info for each show and keep your promos fresh while still stretching your buck.

Apart from being, in our opinion, pretty good-looking,’s Web Products can help out the unsigned band in several ways. Starting at $150 for your basic landing site to $600 for a fully-automatic multimedia music-selling machine, each of our websites are 100% custom-made and never from a template. Integrating your web site into a Content Management System (starting at $300) not only gives every bandmate the ability to update your site from anywhere from a familiar (think Blogger / Facebook) interface, but allows us to easily incorporate advanced features such as selling your music, swag, & mp3s online, incorporating a blog, videos, and social media, and more.

Swanzai is a fresh, young update to the online band design scene. With fresh, unique, high-end work and the lowest prices around, we’re primed to become the go-to source for budget show posters and web sites for the Unsigned + Indie Band Scene. Rock on.

As I said I like Michael’s work, I was taken by the Amen Cowboy poster. One thing that did strike me as very odd though, Amen Cowboy who have got a MySpace, haven’t got a website!! Stranger and stranger, they haven’t even bought their Domain Name. is still up for grabs - I like the name Amen Cowboy… I think I might do me some rustling.

January 1, 2010

UnsignedBandPromotion Ramble 2010

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unsigned band promotion bands resourcesI’d like things to change around here in 2010!

I am sure my strap-line (Helping musicians and artists get their Websites noticed by fans, search engines and the music industry in half the time they could do it on their own) will not change, UnsignedBandPromotion will still be sweet music for your website, and be the worlds best free website promotion resource and service for musicians and artists - I just want it to be better!

It all started with Matt posting a link to a website that calculated how much ones website is worth. What’s my website worth? I asked, £28,000 came the reply. Yeah, right! I didn’t believe it, but it did get me thinking. Of course there are a whole range of variables to be considered when determining the worth of ones website: How much is the domain name worth? What are the monthly or annual earnings and is there a history of profits? How long has the website been up and running? How much traffic does the website get and are the sources of traffic reliable - is the website itself reliable? How does the website compare with other websites of its type? Does the website have potential to progress? What are the running costs of the website? ect… Then I took a cold, hard look at, and I came to the conclusion that it’s worth about £8000 at best. Wow, not much for all that effort and what it offers. I also realized that it is I who makes this website and gives the free service, and therefore it is I who will have to change in 2010 and give a better service.

Over the last ten years or so there’s been lots of whingeing from the music industry about piracy, file sharing and profits. And there’s been bounteous and gleeful criticism from the industry commentators telling us that the music industry isn’t keeping up with technology or the mood and temper of the times. But, I really don’t feel sorry for either parties especially the multinational conglomerates like EMI, News Corp., Sony, Universal, Warner and Apple Inc., who have such an influence and massive hold on the industry, their fingers are in so many pies the little indie band doesn’t stand a chance - no change there then!

My simplistic understanding of the music industry is that it falls into two distinct groups, 1. the musicians who create the music, and 2. everyone else in the business!! Why is it when these two groups don’t make their expected profits they blame each other AND The Consumer - never themselves? I know it’s a complex industry but isn’t the customer always right? Ah, the consumer and the customer are two different entities (I’m being ironic)! I believe that a man who takes a business risk is entitled (not guaranteed) to make a profit as a reward, i.e., make a profit by giving customers what they want. And maybe that’s one of the problems, the music industry isn’t heading in the same direction as the one the customer would have chosen for himself?

One of the big changes over the last ten years has been the way musicians are able to create, market and promote their music and themselves. New technology has enabled completely useless and incompetent musicians to stand shoulder to shoulder alongside the idols they admire, follow and emulate (yeah of course I’m talking purely on a ‘Website’ basis here), independent musicians have never had it so good! And yes, that’s another problem for the music industry, sorting out the wheat from the chaff for the consumer. Marketing (the art/business of selling) is about customers, not producers; demand, not supply.

I do not differentiate between musicians good or bad, useless or talented I aim help anyone get their websites noticed by fans, search engines and the music industry in half the time they could do it on their own, as I said, that’s my strap line (BUT, you must have a website. I do not help bands to promote MySpace, PureVolume and profiles in general, or FreeWebs, Yahoo! GeoCities, LYCOS.tripod and other free webhosting type of pages. You need a real Website*). …Which is a pretty big call, but true, and I do it for free. Pound for pound I offer the worlds best free resources and services to help with website promotion for musicians and in the next decade I’m going to do it even better.

December 15, 2009

I Need Your Support Too

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Donate now to help children affected by the earthquake in Haiti

As per usual at this time of the year, I’d like to explain that Unsigned Band Promotion is Not a business and is Not seeking to make profits from bands using this website. I help musicians and artists get their websites noticed by fans, search engines and the music industry in half the time they could do it on their own and I do it for FREE. There are some costs, and I try to cover these costs by users donations and by promoting affiliate links!

You can show your support to Unsigned Band Promotion by making a small donation, I am not asking for much, as little as £1 or $2 would be greatly appreciated.
Donations are fast, free and secure when made with PayPal.

In 2010 I shall be continuing to support:
Naomi House a purpose-built children’s hospice that provides a homely environment for children with life-limiting conditions that means that they will not live to become adults.
UNICEF the United Nations Children’s Fund, which is a global champion for children’s rights, they make a lasting difference by working with communities and influencing governments.

PLEASE Make a Donation to Naomi House - I’m not an affiliate and do not receive any commission from this link.
PLEASE Make a Donation to UNICEF & Help Children by Buying Cards & Gifts Today - I am an affiliate and do receive a v.small commission from this link.


December 7, 2009

Stage Lighting For Bands

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Stage Lighting for Bands by Martin Dudley of Martin's Lights BerkshireI was just trawling through my site looking for glitches, when I found a broken link to Martin’s Lights on a page that demonstrates ‘Content and Linking’ in action - Garden Lighting Berkshire! So I took a gander around Martin’s new website (new to me) and I came across, Martin’s Lights Big Tidy Up.

In the form of a blog, Big Tidy Up is where Martin’s Lights offers for cheap sale, or sometimes for free, equipment and other stuff that is surplus to requirements, but may be of use to others, and that they would prefer not to see thrown away (hence the free bit) - which I think is a brilliant idea. Of course all items are sold as seen but in full working condition unless stated. All prices are ex-warehouse (i.e. you collect from Martin’s Lights in Reading, Berkshire, England, unless you want to have the items sent to you at cost) and exclude VAT. For more information visit, Martin’s Lights & Big Tidy Up and contact Martin’s Lights by email or give them a call - contact details are on their website.

Martin’s Lights have been going since 1994, they supply high quality professional lighting services to all areas of the entertainment and presentation industries. Concerts, tours, festivals and corporate events are supported with a variety of services including: lighting consultancy, design and equipment hire, full lighting production, complete event lighting management and the supply of lighting designers, operators and technicians. If it’s got anything to do with stage lighting for bands, Martin’s Lights should turn you on!

Unsigned Band Promotion
~ helping musicians and artists get their websites noticed by fans, search engines
and the music industry in half the time they could do it on their own ~

November 1, 2009

Themis’s Band Promotion Targets First Lady!

Filed under: General Musings, Band Promotion — ian @ 4:21 pm

Themis the underground gothic rock band from Aurora, Ontario pissed me off last week by sending me an email using carbon copy (CC) instead of blind carbon copy (BCC), consequently I’m looking and laughing at the dynamics and interconnections of Themis’s odd list of email contacts - the funniest being, “”. My email address is there too, not so funny.

The CC facility in your email client will add a selected entry from your address book to an email message, and display their email address in the header information. The BCC does the same but hides their email address in the header information. So, CC shows the email addresses and BCC hides the email addresses - each method has its uses. If you are going to send out an emailshot, use BCC to hide the addresses and you will not annoy anyone - especially the First Lady!

A bands mailing list is so very precious. Protect it, nurture it, it’s pure gold. Don’t fuck it up in one fell swoop by giving out their personal information - think, discretion. And make sure the recipients are subscribed to your list or the law of nature will eventually come down on you like a ton of hot bricks.

Themis follows a Wiccan creed, has a code of ethics and even a mantra, but no “privacy policy” or unsubscribe information - Pity.

If your band is sending out a newsletter, your subscribers will have privacy and unsubscribe expectations. To create a privacy policy go to: DMA privacy policy generator.

Hey Themis, MailChimp make it very easy for bands to send email newsletters, manage subscriber lists, track campaign performance and send RSS to email. They offer a free MailChimp account (Forever Free Plan) where you can store up to 500 subscribers and send up to 3,000 times a month - that’s not bad. Themis, I recommend that you sign-up for MailChimp’s free email plan, and start building a proper list today.

Cutting The Crap,
Unsigned Band Promotion
~ helping musicians and artists get their websites noticed by fans, search engines
and the music industry in half the time they could do it on their own ~

October 4, 2009

New Micro-Site For The Fake Gods

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Fake Gods acoustic folk rock band Glasgow, Scotland - The Mixing Rooms GlasgowI’ve just finished a Micro-Site for the talented acoustic folk rock duo from Glasgow, Scotland Fake Gods. Alex McGhie and Alan Wood are brilliant. I would like the Micro-Site to help promote the band’s name, genre and favourite venue. I wish them well and send my fond regards. The Fake Gods’ favourite local spot to play is The Mixing Rooms, Glasgow, which is, it seems to me, to be a very interesting venue with all sorts of ‘musical… recording… things’ going on in the immediate vicinity - so, if you fancy an amazing night out go and see them live. Also, visit the Fake Gods Official Website.

In Conversation With Bands,
Unsigned Band Promotion
~ helping musicians and artists get their websites noticed by fans, search engines
and the music industry in half the time they could do it on their own ~

September 24, 2009

Let PETAFLOP Jazz Up Your Image

Filed under: General Musings, Band Promotion — ian @ 3:17 pm

PETAFLOP - Peter Schildwächter | Graphic Design Artist | Illustration | Photo Retouching/Montage | Webdesign | Light Art | JJCK | Schildwachter | Dusseldorf, GermanyCame across a really interesting website that tickled my graphic design fancy, created by the very talented graphic design artist Peter Schildwächter, or maybe I should say PETAFLOP? I should also mention that they have got a blog: BLOG.PETAFLOP.DE. If I were in a band I would want Petaflop to design my next album cover and CD sticker.

Ciao 4 niao,
Unsigned Band Promotion
~ helping musicians and artists get their websites noticed by fans, search engines
and the music industry in half the time they could do it on their own ~

September 13, 2009

Get A Gig In London Next Week

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Amy, just like so many young bands, you are putting so much effort into promoting yourselves to the world through social networking that you are forgetting to promote your band locally. Who are the people who are going to turn up and see you play live? Often it’s the same bunch, a small circle of hardcore fans, friends and family - The Locals!

You are in a Camden based band, promote yourselves in London. Get a map, find your favourite London venue (the venue you like and play most), draw a circle around it with a radius of about 25 miles (about 40 kilometres) and start targeting the people that are part of your scene and lifestyle — I find it odd that a new band who is working within an area of about 1963 square miles, and a population of say 5 million, has time to worry about expanding out to the rest of the world.

Amy, I’ve found a resource for you: London Gigs. London Gigs is a website that aims to give you all the information on gigs happening in London, plus, they’ve got a big list of venues. And like all websites of this nature, I’m sure they need your input too - London Gigs would be a good place to advertise your next gig, so send them all your gig details.

September 8, 2009

A Chimp On The Monkees Mailing List

Filed under: Band Promotion, Marketing — ian @ 6:58 pm

Email Marketing and Email List Manager | MailChimpHow can we improve our band’s website to get more fans?
Obviously improve your site’s content and linking - not enough content, I love the look and feel of your site - check html @W3C. Yes Daniel, you’re a talented, hungry young band, but if you want to move up to the next level quickly, you must get into conversation with your Fans, not your twenty thousand++ figment of your imagination Friends. It’s what your website and web 2.0 is for, chatting, talking, gossiping - communicating. You’re not doing it as effectively as you could be. You are not collecting names and addresses and encouraging fans and friends to join your mailing list - because you haven’t got one! Start building a mailing list Now.

I would have thought Daniel, that you and your fellow band members along with your girlfriends could assemble a list of about 250 potential fans - my wife had absolutely no trouble coming up with a wedding list of over 200!!! Your initial target should be 500 ‘local & supportive’ subscribers, and that would mean you could confidently count on 35-75 (average 55, more depending on how supportive they are) turning up to your gigs.

As I’ve said before in Make Money From Your Band’s Website and I quote: “A mailing list is the ultimate marketing, promotional and money making tool, it goes together with a website like rock and roll. The main purpose of a mailing list is targeted communication by email, thus keeping your fans informed. It will pay big dividends by boosting online sales and by increasing your audience size dramatically (for audience size - keep it local). When a visitor signs up to your mailing list, they are ‘hot’ and are likely to be the most responsive - if you reply promptly. Your most valuable asset is your hot list. A mailing list takes a lot of looking after if you want results. Spend as much time as possible tweaking the list - you’ll never get it perfect.”

“A well honed and targeted mailing list of around 1500 local people (that’s targeted local, not random WWW), should yield about 400-500 supportive fans, and that means you can tell the venue manager with certainty that you will be bringing 100-200 thirsty fans to the gig.” — then you’ll get more gigs than you can handle, you’ve got the talent.

Did you know The Monkees who were a pop rock band from Los Angeles, California, during the years 1966 – 1970, have got a website and a mailing list sign-up form! Why? Because a newsletter, like I said, is a great way to make money - it’s always about money.

MailChimp make it very easy for bands to send email newsletters, manage subscriber lists, track campaign performance and send RSS to email. They offer a free MailChimp account (Forever Free Plan) where you can store up to 500 subscribers and send up to 3,000 times a month - that’s not bad. Daniel, I recommend that you sign-up for MailChimp’s free email plan, and start building your list today.

Go Bananas! When you eventually need to go over the 500 subscribers limit for the forever free plan, why not consider combining your mailing list with another local band’s, and start collaborative marketing? Of course you will need to sign up to the paid version of MailChimp, but you would both benefit from the much bigger list and by splitting the costs it would be cheaper.

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