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March 1, 2014

Fresh Site For Open Source Independent Record Label - LibreRock Records

Independent Record Label | LibreRock Records

#LibreRock @LibreRocks The Open Source Independent Record Label - LibreRock Records Have Got Themselves a Fresh & Sweet New Look Website - I like it Matt :)

January 22, 2013

The LibreRock Circle

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The LibreRock Circle Opens It’s Doors

  • LibreRock Records - Magazine that promotes independent artists, musicians and bands, offering free downloads
  • LibreRock HQ - Get signed up to an Open Source Record Label that empowers indie musicians & bands to be truly independent & liberated
  • Matt Early - Music industry related resource with an extensive FAQ (in development)
  • UBP Blog - This blog! Focusing on Band Promotion and Website Promotion
  • UK Musician Forums - Discuss anything especially topics related to the wonderful world of music.

September 28, 2012

Punkalicious Records #RecordLabel #BandPromotion

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Punkalicious Records - New opportunity for new and unsigned acts to get their music heard

Punkalicious Records @PunkaliciousRec are helping young, unsigned and independent punk/ rock/ metal bands to get their music heard by collaborating with them to produce a number of compilation albums.

There is a small, nominal fee of £5, which will be put towards production and marketing costs, but the profits will be shared out (evenly I hope).

If that sounds good? Then get in touch :) Facebook & Twitter

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