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September 24, 2009

Let PETAFLOP Jazz Up Your Image

Filed under: General Musings, Band Promotion — ian @ 3:17 pm

PETAFLOP - Peter Schildwächter | Graphic Design Artist | Illustration | Photo Retouching/Montage | Webdesign | Light Art | JJCK | Schildwachter | Dusseldorf, GermanyCame across a really interesting website that tickled my graphic design fancy, created by the very talented graphic design artist Peter Schildwächter, or maybe I should say PETAFLOP? I should also mention that they have got a blog: BLOG.PETAFLOP.DE. If I were in a band I would want Petaflop to design my next album cover and CD sticker.

Ciao 4 niao,
Unsigned Band Promotion
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and the music industry in half the time they could do it on their own ~

September 7, 2009

Monitor Your Social Media

Filed under: General Musings — ian @ 7:34 pm

I just found this funny! In the Ads by Google (bottom right) there was an Ad:
Monitor Your Social Media
Monitor Sites like
Twitter, YouTube &
Blogs with Vocus PR
Very interesting, I click on the link and go to the Vocus website. With the headline, Integrate Social Media Into Your PR & Marketing Strategies, I’m even more intrigued and wonder, “how would bands use it, and, do Vocus have an affiliate program”. I decide to fill in the form to see what happens, I get to Annual Revenue * (it’s a selection box) Option 1: Over 200 Million. Option 2: 4 Million - 199 Million. Option 3: Under 4 Million. Option 4: Do not know… As I said, I just found it funny - and stupid! What would you have chosen? Yeah you’re right, I didn’t press send and there wasn’t any more information!

July 24, 2009

Visit hype-free

Filed under: General Musings — ian @ 9:37 pm

hype-freeI got one of the crazy emails today offering me money to place a link on Unsigned Band Promotion for a year. I knew something was up, so I Googled their name - FortitudeHosting. O.K., let’s forget them now, nuff said.

In my search for inf. I discover: hype-free and I’ve just spent a very happy one and a half hours reading their blog, which is, in their words, "A blog which tries to demystify computer security, point out the half-truths and misinformation which floats around about this subject and hopefully reduce the hype created by semi-informed people. It also has some useful tips from time to time." –does exactly what it says on the can, as they say.

hype-free may not be Your thing, but it Is Mine and that’s why I’m giving them a link instead of some dodgy chancer.

May 10, 2009

Help Your Promotion Chances

Filed under: General Musings — ian @ 8:50 pm

Do you want to infuriate your Mailing List and make them ostracize you? Yes! Then send out an emailshot using carbon copy (CC) instead of blind carbon copy (BCC). The CC facility in your email client will add a selected entry from your address book to an email message, and display their email address in the header information. The BCC does the same but hides their email address in the header information. So, CC shows the email addresses and BCC hides the email addresses - each method has its uses. If you are going to send out an emailshot, use BCC to hide the addresses and you will not annoy anyone.

I received an email from The Gigman the other day, with the subject advertising, “The GIGMAN is here to help your promotion explosion”! What method of carbon copy do you think they used? BCC? No! The Gigman used plain old CC, so about twenty important contacts now think The Gigman are not to be trusted with their personal information (even though the email addresses were freely available on the web). Have The Gigman violated their own privacy policy?

I’m looking and laughing at the dynamics and interconnections of The Gigman’s angry list of email contacts, and I’m wondering if they will heed the email’s footer note, “Please consider the environment before printing this email” or will they just delete it like I did? Hey, Peter Acklin, “Please consider others before pressing the send button”.

It’s also obvious that The Gigman have harvested the email addresses from sites like the Gig Guide - the words ‘email’ and ’spider’ come to mind!

Cutting The Crap,
Unsigned Band Promotion
~ helping musicians and artists get their websites noticed by fans, search engines
and the music industry in half the time they could do it on their own ~

May 6, 2009

Official Website for Music Marketing and Promotion

Filed under: General Musings — ian @ 10:49 pm

This week I was lightly scammed by Jacco Wijnia of Positive Pose (a crap fusion band who I assume is from Barneveld, Gelderland, Netherlands) who is a 20y.o. music (muzikant) student at The Dutch Rock Academy which is fronted by finger lickin’ good Gerard Boontjes. Under the guise of doing an interview, Jacco Wijnia asked me some questions to help him with his homework - as if I haven’t got enough trouble with my eight year old son’s, we’re doing the bloody Vikings!

But, out of the darkness came light in the form of the words "Gerard Boontjes Official Website"!

Revival Of The Official Artist Website - Music to my ears (a good read). A digital renaissance by Martin J. Thörnkvist. Do you know, it’s funny how words seem to stick in ones head while surfing the ‘net - "Official Website"

Jacco Wijnia is doing Music Marketing and Promotion today, and had he been more up front with me I would have been able to tell him; at the heart of a band’s successful marketing and promotion campaign should be their website, a networking style profile page just isn’t good enough, plus, owning your own website demonstrates to the music industry professionals and your fans, Credibility, Control and Professionalism, and if that’s not enough, I’ve written 101 Reasons Why Your Band Needs A Website - I didn’t do that in a day.

If you are in a band, get yourselves an official website, and make it your Hub. Setup accounts in: Bebo, Facebook, iLike, iMeem, Last.FM, MySpace, ReverbNation, Twitter, Virb and YouTube. Send your new found fans, friends and followers to your website - to gain more exposure, to ply your marketing acumen, to demonstrate your creative and artistic talents.

Go to the top of the class,
Unsigned Band Promotion
~ helping musicians and artists get their websites noticed by fans, search engines
and the music industry in half the time they could do it on their own ~

February 20, 2009

Profile Under Construction

Filed under: General Musings — ian @ 9:53 pm

Profile Under ConstructionIn September 2008 I set up, it was going to be a forum for UK bands, but after much deliberation I’ve thought better of it and now I have other plans. And those plans will have to wait a while - I’m too busy. Have I got an under construction sign up? No! Because I couldn’t be arsed, see: Under Construction &/or Band Under Pressure.

I was dumbfounded when I saw a MySpace profile today with an under construction notice up. Why would a person do that? Isn’t life short enough without wasting time writing “Profile Under Construction”? And how long does it take to set one up so its not under construction, two hours, three? How about 61 days? …I don’t know, I’m sorry guys, I just found it funny. It probably loses a little in translation.

February 3, 2009

Crap Rap Crap Publicity - RapPublicity

Filed under: Copyright Issue, General Musings, Band News — ian @ 4:12 pm

crap rap crap publicity - rappublicityAbout eight years ago, sometime in 2001, I copied two pieces of work. One was a “handy” links page and the other was a Cascading Style Sheet. The original owners soon found out and I was soundly castigated - quite right too. I wasn’t on the make or take, but I was being lazy and naive thinking, “I would get away with it and it didn’t really matter” - it does matter and it always did. I’ve been on the Internet for about fifteen years and over that time I’ve made plenty of etiquette (I think plagiarism is more than an etiquette problem) mistakes, but I always try to correct myself as soon as I realize I’ve been a stupid prat.

On the other hand, I Have Been Copied loads of times (I mainly use Copyscape to find the plagiarists) and it always pisses me off, even though they say “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”, but without attribution it’s theft!

Here is the latest Plagiarist Crap Publicity.

As I said, “I mainly use Copyscape to find the plagiarists”, but this time Google Alerts did the job for me, offering up 101 Band Promotion Tips by Dj 3 Strikes on Get Gwap. As soon as I see 101 Band Promotion Tips, I start thinking “Some stupid tosser has copied it again because they can’t be arsed or haven’t got the brains to do it themselves”. And I don’t mind if they give me the attribution and a link. So, I followed the Read More… link on Get Gwap to: Crap Publicity. And there it was, my work, no attribution and no link - not that a link would help, Crap Publicity contributes to the web with Nofollow Reciprocity!!! I take a good look at the two websites to see if I can find out who’s behind it all so I can email and whinge. I discover a well connected labyrinth…

Here’s a taster:
Get Gwap
Dj 3 Strikes [Ryan, New London, Connecticut 06320] - he can handle real shit.
Crap Publicity [Ryan, New London, Connecticut 06320] - Learn the secrets of marketing from a plagiarist.
Dirty Pockets Productions [Ryan, New London, Connecticut 06320] crap production & promotion team.
Stax BriX [The 5ft Bully, New London, Connecticut 06320] - politically crap & mindless.

…And of course Crap Publicity has copied Bob Baker’s - How to Use Video to Promote Your Music Online, see: Crap Publicity’s version and I’m sure Crap Publicity has copied others.

Without becoming too vitriolic, I’d say Ryan is a guy who would like to be taken seriously as a self made artist and a rap promoter, he has some talent (if you search Google for: 101 Band Promotion Tips, Crap Publicity is #1 (I’m number 2!)) and works hard at it, but let’s face it, would you trust a guy who steels other peoples’ efforts not to rip you off?

Cutting The Crap,
Unsigned Band Promotion
~ helping musicians and artists get their websites noticed by fans, search engines
and the music industry in half the time they could do it on their own ~

January 25, 2009

Micro-Sites, Netiquette and Linking

Filed under: General Musings — ian @ 10:45 am

A couple of months ago I started evaluating UnsignedBandPromotion’s Micro-Sites because I knew one of the bands had broken up and another’s website had disappeared, as a result, I have deleted fifteen of them! Every time I discover a band giving up their website in favour of a MySpace profile (“iT’s thE WAy fOrwARd DuDe”) I get surprised, also, Micro-Sites are not there to promote MySpace (there are exceptions to the rule) especially if the band refuses to link back.

Linking and netiquette are one of my things at the moment because I recently linked to a band from the Band Links Page, then a month later they removed their link to me! Did they think I wouldn’t notice? Linking should be natural, organic, friendly and polite. Imagine how I feel spending eight hours making a Micro-Site (which involves checking, gathering and manipulating information, links and images) that the search engines will find friendly and therefore will promote a band and the band’s website. …And doing it for free …And they don’t link back. Want to know how I feel? Read: Lack Of Netiquette: SEO Greed Or Stupidity? by Turnip - it will give you hint and another angle on the theme.

The actual point of a Micro-Site is to promote a band’s website by linking to it - very simple. As an added extra the band gets links to all (or most all) of the other places where their band has a presence (MySpace, Facebook, ReverbNation, PureVolume, iLike, etc., etc.), which will help to promote the band too. And as a Bonus, they can earn some hard cash, money from their Micro-Site - there aren’t many places where they can do that. This means, they can have, include and own: the Google AdSense links, an affiliate link, buy CD now links, merchandise links, a PayPal donate button, etc. Oh, then there’s the fact that A Micro-Site will be found for something else like Rock Bands Birmingham! - not bad for a Free tailor made webpage that will promote your band and your band’s website to Hell and back.

Do you know, about three months ago I was looking through my website statistics and I found a band had directly linked to one of my images! Meaning that they are using my bandwidth (how rude) to serve up an image on their ridiculous contact-us.php page. “Please can you take it off” I asked nicely, while not really caring because it’s only a 1px X 1px transparent spacer gif, and I always get a laugh at the small number of times it’s loaded. “I don’t know how to” they replied. So - as someone once said to me, “You Stupid Tosser”. I refer you back to Turnip, have a read.

I’ve come to the conclusion that bands give up their websites and develop their MySpace page when they realize their band is going down the pan. It’s a bit like having a baby to save the relationship. When a band hasn’t got a website, it’s a sure sign they haven’t got the confidence or faith to invest in themselves. A website takes time, energy and some knowledge to create and keep up-to-date. A MySpace page takes time, energy, some basic knowledge - anyone can do it, and is maybe more fun than a website - overall the MySpace profile takes a lot less skill to make than a website. A MySpace page of course is free, whereas a website will cost a little to run, but Holy Cow, can’t a band of three, four or five people stump up a few quid and find a friend who will give a helping hand (maybe for free) to get one? “We had a website, but it didn’t get any action. Our Myspace has tons of action. We’ve got 60,000 fans, 1,500,000 page views and our latest single has had 1,000 plays.” she said in a voice with the tone that was basically saying eff off you tit. And I’m thinking: 0.06% of 60,000 is about 36. That’s 36 people who will come to their website regularly and press the BUY NOW button several times. Why haven’t they got a website? Oh! That’s right - they’re going down the effing pan. “Had many sales of your stunning and beautifully worked album - I loved your first track by-the-way?” I said, hoping the answer would be no. “Yes, we had ten last month” she said as she sneered down her bottle of Sol at me. Now it was my turn, “Oh eff off you pillock and no I’m not going to make it eleven” I said quietly in my head while smiling and nodding. And in the wonderful world where I’m always right and everybody loves me, I’m saying, “send them to your bloody website you twat”.

“As a net is made up by a series of knots, so everything in this world is connected by a series of knots. If anyone thinks that the mesh of a net is an independent, isolated thing, they are mistaken. It is called a net because it is made up of a series of connected meshes, and each mesh has its place and responsibilities in relation to other meshes.” The Teaching of Buddha by Bukkyo Dendo Kyokai, Buddhist Promoting Foundation.

I made my first Micro-Site (was called Online Z-card - still is I suppose!) for a UK Punk band (d. December 2007) in April 2006. At the time I was worried I was going to be inundated with requests for more, but no, I wasn’t. A short time after I was talking to one of those ultra geeky, webby, media types who are so far up themselves they’re coming out the other side, about the lack of interest in the Z-cards. He said something that resonated with me; “Well where are you going with them? And why would a band want one? I mean, look at what you get on MySpace, everything and more, besides MySpace is totally addictive. I’m hooked. I’ve just met a jazz band from France and they’ve asked us to play with them next year…” On and on he droned thank god, because I didn’t have an answer and that haunted me at the time.

I hadn’t articulated where I was going with them, I was never going anywhere with the Micro-Sites, I don’t make them to promote myself, I make them free to help promote bands’ websites. And I assumed that I was going to be inundated because I know what a valuable and unobtainable (an affiliate marketeer would give his right arm, his wife and children for one of these Micro-Sites) type of backlink a Micro-Site gives. But what fascinates me is how addictive social networking is for so many bands, addictive to the detriment of their promotional and marketing efforts.

Anyway, Micro-Sites are now by invitation only, so you’ve missed the boat and missed getting one of the most powerful types of links - pity!

June 4, 2008

Why I hate MySpace

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Why I hate MySpace

Count The Ads

I can’t handle MySpace today, too many advertisments on Every page - Get Famous With Myspace Band Promotion, yeah right!

August 17, 2004

About Unsigned Band Promotion

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I’ve been working on website promotion techniques since 1994. In August 2004, I became interested in ‘band website promotion’ while making a ‘free’ website for a friend’s daughter’s band, Menendez ( and I set up at the same time. I don’t promote bands in the usual way, I promote bands’ websites!

My strap line is: Unsigned Band Promotion, helping musicians and artists to get their websites noticed by fans, search engines and the music industry in half the time they could do it on their own.
…which is a pretty big call, but true, and I do it for free. pound for pound I offer the worlds best free resources and services to help with website promotion for musicians.

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