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March 1, 2014

Fresh Site For Open Source Independent Record Label - LibreRock Records

Independent Record Label | LibreRock Records

#LibreRock @LibreRocks The Open Source Independent Record Label - LibreRock Records Have Got Themselves a Fresh & Sweet New Look Website - I like it Matt :)

October 2, 2011

Writing An Effective Email Asking For Help

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Spam, lovely Spam, wonderful Spam

Q: Do you know what pisses me off? A: People like Elaine!

Elaine emailed me asking, "We’d Love Your Help With Our Online Promotions." I thanked her for contacting me and as per usual, I was sorry I was a little late getting back to her ~ a couple of days! I had spent three hours looking at Elaine’s website, social media profiles and linking strategy; I then answered her request for help by offering up 20 tailored ideas, observations, and tips to improve her website’s visibility and performance ~ not bad for free! Do you know what pisses me off? When I don’t get an email of acknowledgement or ‘Thanks’ ~ receiving a small donation doesn’t even come into the equation!

So, how do you think I would respond to an email that simply, but only states, "Hey! Check our band out!?" That’s right, I ignore and delete it!

Here is a massive tip: If you want to get the best out of people who are willing to support your band, get into a meaningful conversation with them ~ email conversations should be interactive, two-way and follow rules of etiquette! ~ BTW., I am always pleased to answer additional specific questions that may arise from my initial response, in fact I expect questions and I love feedback.

Writing An Effective Email Asking For Help

I am constantly amused by the number of crappy, spammy and suspicious emails I get, luckily my spam filter copes quite well, but I find it very boring sorting out the Real requests for help from the loathsome heap of egotistical shit I receive. *HEY bands wake up* and do yourselves a favour, send emails that are worth reading and prove that you are worth supporting.

Make An Impression At The Inbox: You only get a nano-second to make a first impression as your email languishes in the recipient’s inbox; make the most of your email name and subject line ~ don’t send emails with wierd headers: From: The Jackson Five <> Subject: Re: Help. Use your real name linked to your band’s email account and write a meaningful and descriptive subject line: From: Daniel Cool <> Subject: Advice needed regarding website promotion ~ I would open that email!

Trigger A Response With Good Content: Keep your email focused and get to the point quickly. Ask a clear question and include all the relevant details so the recipient can work out the answer quickly. Don’t be too brief or too waffly, however, explain yourself and say what you expect to gain from the answer. Proofread! If this is the sole & entire contents of your email, "Well, since i’m not too grate at promo my band, I will heed your advice and ask. How can I promo my band more?" (someone actually sent me that) ~ it will never get a reply from me!

"Thanks in advance." Thanking the reader in advance doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t respond promptly to their slow and sloppy reply ~ etiquette is always super-polite ~ remember, no flaming.

Identify Yourself Clearly: Contact information is one of the most important and fundamental elements of an email; knowing someones name and address is the cornerstone to building a relationship, and it’s totally underrated ~ lack of contact information is a constant bugbear with music industry professionals.

Include: your name, your band’s name, a couple of telephone numbers, postal address, email address, website URL ~ use the definitive URL because it’s usually clickable eg: ~ list your main social media platforms in the same way.

No Atachments On The First Date: It is common for bands to send attachments of: (5mb).jpg images, (6mb).mp3 files and *.zip files ~ that I’m never going to open. Only include attachments when it is prearranged. Some email servers ignore messages that include large (over 3mb!) attachments and some people don’t clear out their inbox as often as they should; it all starts to look a little overfull and messy!

Etiquette and converstion are key words when corresponding with a potential helper and maybe sponsor & future champion of your band. Don’t all up by being selfish ~ give out and you will receive.

January 4, 2009

New Micro-Site For Color Theory

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Depeche Mode by Color Theory - electronic piano pop band Huntington Beach, CaliforniaI first discovered Color Theory when I stumbled into Brian Hazard’s erudite blog Passive Promotion. Brian is Color Theory, and the Passive Promotion blog is Brian’s narrative of his efforts to promote "The Thought Chapter", his latest and seventh album. Funnily enough though, it was the artwork for The Thought Chapter by Maya Klein that first caught my attention in: The Thought Chapter has left the building, it made me read on, and I soon realized what a thoughtful, talented and intelligent man Brian Hazard is.

It was my wholehearted pleasure to make Color Theory a Micro-Site and crank up their Internet presence a few more notches. Great music may promote itself! But Websites don’t ;)

December 14, 2008

Band Support?

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MenendezFollowing my Buddhist beliefs, Unsigned Band Promotion is not a business and is not seeking to make profits from bands using this website. I help musicians and artists get their websites noticed by fans, search engines and the music industry in half the time they could do it on their own and I do it for FREE. There are some costs to be covered, and I try to meet these costs by users donations and by promoting affiliate links. But, I’m still way, way out-of-pocket!

It’s always tough trying to keep a free service going, especially when it is so very hands-on. Please show your support and make a small donation. I am not asking for much, as little as £1 or $2 would be greatly appreciated.

Very many thanks for your support
Donations are fast, free and secure when made with PayPal

Unsigned Band Promotion
~ helping musicians and artists get their websites noticed by fans, search engines
and the music industry in half the time they could do it on their own ~

November 26, 2008

Micro-Site Update For Soul Purpose

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soul purpose roots rock reggae band sarasota floridaI’ve just updated Soul Purpose’s Micro-Site. They were four, they’re now five with the addition of Michael Silbaugh, he’s sure made a difference in this kid’s life :)

Take a gander at their website Soul Purpose - Official Website, their ReverbNation profile and their YouTube video.

Supporting Unsigned Bands,
Unsigned Band Promotion
~ helping musicians and artists get their websites noticed by fans, search engines
and the music industry in half the time they could do it on their own ~

November 17, 2008

God Is In The TV Zine

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God Is In The TV Zine - the independent music and culture webzineI’ve just read an article - that I think all unsigned bands should read - on God Is In The TV Zine by Bill Cummings called Take a stake in a band.

The Article describes how The Race, a male and female fronted, 5 piece alt. indie band from Reading, intend to raise money through a scheme called "The Stakeholder Fund". It is a great idea, and one that I have always advocated. It is not a new idea however, in 2002 Jake Shillingford (click on /Invest) of Exileinside was one of the pioneers of the Do-It-Yourself approach to promoting and marketing his band and music through the internet and Web 2.0.

I also love The Race’s idea of "PASS IT ON" …follow the links and read "Take a stake in a band" to find out more. And while you are there, join GIITTV.

September 9, 2008

New Micro-Site For Sweet City Action

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Sweet City Action indie rock band Gainesville Florida | 1982 BAR GainesvilleI’ve just finished a Micro-Site for the beautiful and amazing indie rock band from Gainesville, Florida Sweet City Action. Vilma and Christina are brilliant. I want the Micro-Site to help promote the band as they don’t have a Website just various profiles - watch this space as I may change the design. I wish them well and send my love. Sweet City Action’s favourite local spot to play is the 1982 Bar, Gainesville, which is just down the road from the University - so, if you fancy a fun-filled night out go and see them.

June 20, 2008

This Is Your Band Promotion Platform

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Buy one of these CDs today

3kisses - Nut Job - $12.97, 16 tracks alexis thompson - I Hate Money - $7.00, 15 tracks Andy Kostek One by one, 16 tracks, CD: $15.99, MP3: $11.99 emma forman, Chocolate and Red Wine, Debut Album £5.00, 11 tracks - FROM OWN WEBSITE

Fact Not Fiction - A Corporate Calling CD/MP3 $11.99 goretek - sick machine - $9.99, 13 tracks justmegan - I Get What I Want - $19.88, 9 tracks mark handley - handley with care - FROM OWN WEBSITE

function records shop - menendez mini album Paul Needs - Hot & Cool - $14.99, 10 tracks Plan Nine - The Plan Nine EP/MP3 £3.99p 6 tracks on Ditto Music Needful Things - Debut EP - $8.00

The Contortionists - Stomach Pump Blues album - FROM OWN WEBSITE country music uk, Desert Wind by Richard Murray, 13 tracks - CD/MP3 price: $12.97 flying footstools pink fluff Chad Sharp - Previously Unleashed CD/MP3 $9.99, 10 tracks

If you want a CD link included here; make a comment and write your website or cdbaby address

June 2, 2008

Band Sponsorship - UBP Band Sponsorship Program!

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Band Sponsorship - It's Time To Earn Some Do$h

Unsigned Band Promotion ~ Supporting Bands

Need some extra cash?

I think this is a first - Unsigned Band Promotion will sponsor your band by giving you the opportunity to earn some money from your Micro-Site

Running a band, recording, producing and selling an album requires dedication, expertise and money. Most independent bands need help, and the best people to get help from are your fans, friends and family (with the odd professional thrown in). As a ‘friend’, I am able to help your band by making you a Micro-Site. A Micro-Site will promote your band’s name & Website and of course, I do it all for nothing, there’s no charge, no catches, they’re totally free - I’m Supporting You.

And Now, a Micro-Site can help you earn some extra money. When a visitor lands on your Micro-Site they are only one click away from supporting you financially, because you can now own the Money Earning Links.

4 Ways You Can Earn Money From Your Micro-Site

  1. Buy CD Now & Merchandise Links (CD Baby etc. etc.)
  2. Google AdSense Links
  3. Affiliate Links
  4. PayPal Donation Links

If your band already has a Micro-Site get in contact with or for the required information:

Feedback is always important, I welcome your comments, ideas, questions and information. I try to respond as soon as I can.

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