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February 10, 2009

Bands’ Flyers Go To The Wall

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Band Flyer WallI know exactly the date I thought of “The Flyer Wall”, 21st October 2005. Why? Because I made the background wall image on that day and I’ve just looked up the date! I thought it was a good idea at the time, it was my reaction and response to Alex Tew’s The Million Dollar Homepage, he came up with the idea of selling 1 million pixels of internet ad space for $1 each!!

One day last week (I was snowed in - Friday I think) I was surfing and I noticed, nestling in the Google Ads. And I thought WOW someone’s done it - actually I also thought, Oh Shit! - Well Done Paul & Daniel - Good Luck.’s idea is a simple one, a band can promote themselves by posting a virtual digital flyer (an image) for a small cost (100px X 100px @ £1.00 for 6 months on the wall) on a virtual wall (basically a web page). I was pleased to see them promoting themselves via Google Ads - it’s what a band would want, however I wasn’t quite so impressed when I tried to find them again today and I couldn’t, but in their defense, they have only been going for a short time (Jan/Feb 2009) and it does take time to get promotion going and get into the search engine listings …these free links should help them.

There is another one, I’d better mention: The Flyer Wall, they showcase, advertise and promote business style websites. The site has an interesting urbanned look and feel which is cool.

My idea was to allow UK bands to post their flyers themselves just like they would in the real world - no fees, just a simple sign-up so I could moderate the mayhem. I’d sit back and watch them fight it out posting flyers maliciously over each other and every now and then, when the wall looked like fun, I’d archive it as a web page and start the madness over again! I didn’t do it because on consideration I thought it wouldn’t work. I don’t think will work either!

I think what niggles me about is that they don’t post Flyers. They post Banners. I wonder if they would let a band post 7 different flyers per month for £50.00 per annum, because, that’s how many different venues a busy band could be playing. Flyers have a quick turnover and should be very cheap. I think most bands these days use their next flyer as their avatar on social networking sites don’t they? So the fan can go to the full-size image, print it out and take it to the gig for a few quid off entry.

Question: of the 6 current bands who use, 5 use it to promote their band’s MySpace page. How much would you spend on a link to promote your MySpace page?

I have been experimenting with website promotion and linking for years and accordingly I set-up Band Promotion Links and Micro-Sites. The Band Promotion Links are free but require a reciprocal link from the band’s home page. Micro-Sites aren’t just free, they allow the band to earn some money. Both the Band Promotion Links and the Micro-Sites have been grossly undersubscribed! That is why I am sceptical about the success of But, good luck anyway, I’d love to be proved wrong.

Just thought I’d give Banksy a mention, I luv his work, if anything fartistic needs to be done on walls, he’s the man. I’d love to do the same on websites - igraffiti - but that’s also called Hacking and is illegal.

ed. NOTE: they’ve changed their prices since writing this, I’ve edited it to £1.00 for six months on the wall, NO free flyers.

Ed. update 28 May ‘09
I’ve just searched for Band Flyer Promotion on Google and to my surprise 101 Band Promotion Ideas was top of the list - The Band Wall is nowhere to be seen! - and if you think that’s weird, I’ve just searched for "The Band Wall" on Google and Bands’ Flyers Go To The Wall is number 5 - The Band Wall’s site is nowhere to be seen! It’s very depressing, come on guys, get promoting.

Unless they pick up the pace now, they will fold.

February 3, 2009

Crap Rap Crap Publicity - RapPublicity

Filed under: Copyright Issue, General Musings, Band News — ian @ 4:12 pm

crap rap crap publicity - rappublicityAbout eight years ago, sometime in 2001, I copied two pieces of work. One was a “handy” links page and the other was a Cascading Style Sheet. The original owners soon found out and I was soundly castigated - quite right too. I wasn’t on the make or take, but I was being lazy and naive thinking, “I would get away with it and it didn’t really matter” - it does matter and it always did. I’ve been on the Internet for about fifteen years and over that time I’ve made plenty of etiquette (I think plagiarism is more than an etiquette problem) mistakes, but I always try to correct myself as soon as I realize I’ve been a stupid prat.

On the other hand, I Have Been Copied loads of times (I mainly use Copyscape to find the plagiarists) and it always pisses me off, even though they say “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”, but without attribution it’s theft!

Here is the latest Plagiarist Crap Publicity.

As I said, “I mainly use Copyscape to find the plagiarists”, but this time Google Alerts did the job for me, offering up 101 Band Promotion Tips by Dj 3 Strikes on Get Gwap. As soon as I see 101 Band Promotion Tips, I start thinking “Some stupid tosser has copied it again because they can’t be arsed or haven’t got the brains to do it themselves”. And I don’t mind if they give me the attribution and a link. So, I followed the Read More… link on Get Gwap to: Crap Publicity. And there it was, my work, no attribution and no link - not that a link would help, Crap Publicity contributes to the web with Nofollow Reciprocity!!! I take a good look at the two websites to see if I can find out who’s behind it all so I can email and whinge. I discover a well connected labyrinth…

Here’s a taster:
Get Gwap
Dj 3 Strikes [Ryan, New London, Connecticut 06320] - he can handle real shit.
Crap Publicity [Ryan, New London, Connecticut 06320] - Learn the secrets of marketing from a plagiarist.
Dirty Pockets Productions [Ryan, New London, Connecticut 06320] crap production & promotion team.
Stax BriX [The 5ft Bully, New London, Connecticut 06320] - politically crap & mindless.

…And of course Crap Publicity has copied Bob Baker’s - How to Use Video to Promote Your Music Online, see: Crap Publicity’s version and I’m sure Crap Publicity has copied others.

Without becoming too vitriolic, I’d say Ryan is a guy who would like to be taken seriously as a self made artist and a rap promoter, he has some talent (if you search Google for: 101 Band Promotion Tips, Crap Publicity is #1 (I’m number 2!)) and works hard at it, but let’s face it, would you trust a guy who steels other peoples’ efforts not to rip you off?

Cutting The Crap,
Unsigned Band Promotion
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January 20, 2009

New Micro-Site For The Humms

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The Humms garage rock band athens georgia - tasty world athens GAThe Humms play what they call "Happy Hippie Horror Rock" or "Scooby Punk" - phrases coined by the band to describe their style of garage rock. Their recordings shimmer with the circus sounds of the 60s and are influenced by the colorful side of life, horror movies and lyrics that wrap around your mind - so they say.

The Humms’ Micro-Site offers their free demo download via an 8.7MB zip file - well worth the listen.

Out for kicks and licks
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January 13, 2009

The Best Band Promotion Blogs of 2009

Filed under: Band News — ian @ 4:25 pm

Aesthetic Artery: Blog on design, photography, music, and more - in a new blog formatOf course I read loads of blogs! In fact, I read much, much more and a hell of a lot quicker and better than I write (sadly). In 2009 I shall be visiting daily, reading and digesting six scrumptious blogs and I’m recommending them to you too. Firstly there is Aesthetic Artery, which is the odd one out because it’s not about band promotion. Aesthetic Artery is about design, photography, music, books and film - I love the look and feel of this blog and I’d like to know a bit more about the author Andrew Raggio - he seems a very interesting person. I only know Aesthetic Artery is by Andrew Raggio because is says so in the source code!

The five essential blogs, in alphabetical order, are: Gigdoggy (I really like this blog) with the mini strapline of "The way bands do it" Gigdoggy reflects and comments on the music industry from a band’s perspective.

Jimmy Shelter’s Giglog is what I would call a "good old fashioned blog", for Gods sake don’t get me wrong or be put off, by that I mean his blog contains loads of interesting links within concise articles - I was surprised not to find a link to Unsigned Band Promotion nestling in there ;)

Music Think Tank and New Music Strategies are kith and kin and should be read from cover to cover. These two are really great blogs for getting the old grey matter working. I find them SO absorbing, I read and my mind is away thinking about stuff I hadn’t thought of before - wonderful :)

Brian Hazard’s Passive Promotion blog is the one that intrigues me the most though. I am really wondering where it’s going and how it’s going to end up. This blog is a journey, a slowly unfolding story of Brian’s efforts to self promote his latest album. If you are a band traveling down the same path, there are a number of well written promotion and marketing ideas. I thought I read somewhere (I can’t find where) that it will be made into an eBook - maybe that’s just me reading into things.

January 8, 2009

New Micro-Site For Reckless Gents

Filed under: Band News — ian @ 7:26 pm

reckless gents alt. indie pop noir band Vermont, New EnglandReckless Gents is/was a WINNER of the Alexis Thompson cover contest, which was held in August 2008. Part of the prize was this Micro-Site! I am a little disappointed that Alexis has not added the web links that was also part of the prize.

The Reckless Gents’ Micro-Site has been removed at the request of Reckless Gents!

I think I came third with a geekish I Hate Money (no prizes for me as you might expect!)

Out for kicks,
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January 4, 2009

New Micro-Site For Color Theory

Filed under: SEO, Band Sponsorship, website promotion, Band News, Band Promotion — ian @ 12:55 pm

Depeche Mode by Color Theory - electronic piano pop band Huntington Beach, CaliforniaI first discovered Color Theory when I stumbled into Brian Hazard’s erudite blog Passive Promotion. Brian is Color Theory, and the Passive Promotion blog is Brian’s narrative of his efforts to promote "The Thought Chapter", his latest and seventh album. Funnily enough though, it was the artwork for The Thought Chapter by Maya Klein that first caught my attention in: The Thought Chapter has left the building, it made me read on, and I soon realized what a thoughtful, talented and intelligent man Brian Hazard is.

It was my wholehearted pleasure to make Color Theory a Micro-Site and crank up their Internet presence a few more notches. Great music may promote itself! But Websites don’t ;)

December 14, 2008

Band Support?

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MenendezFollowing my Buddhist beliefs, Unsigned Band Promotion is not a business and is not seeking to make profits from bands using this website. I help musicians and artists get their websites noticed by fans, search engines and the music industry in half the time they could do it on their own and I do it for FREE. There are some costs to be covered, and I try to meet these costs by users donations and by promoting affiliate links. But, I’m still way, way out-of-pocket!

It’s always tough trying to keep a free service going, especially when it is so very hands-on. Please show your support and make a small donation. I am not asking for much, as little as £1 or $2 would be greatly appreciated.

Very many thanks for your support
Donations are fast, free and secure when made with PayPal

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December 3, 2008

Online Music Promotion Opportunity

Filed under: website promotion, Band News, Band Promotion — ian @ 8:26 pm

Coast Production Online Music Promotion Opportunity
The award wining production company Coast are looking to make contact with unsigned bands who would be willing to allow their track(s) to be used in an major online ad campaign (we’re talking for free here). Each of the tracks used will feature in a series of video blog films designed to promote the skincare range, Clean and Clear. In return for the use of your track, each band featured will have a profile and link from the Clean and Clear- Celia & Chloe website. This is an opportunity for artists to have their music heard by tens of thousands of people and increase the traffic to your myspace or website.

If you’d like your track to be considered please email Tony McKee at Coast Productions with a link to your track.

Obviously they are looking for bands who appeal to teenagers especially girls!

Unsigned Band Promotion

November 26, 2008

Micro-Site Update For Soul Purpose

Filed under: Band Sponsorship, website promotion, Band News — ian @ 5:13 pm

soul purpose roots rock reggae band sarasota floridaI’ve just updated Soul Purpose’s Micro-Site. They were four, they’re now five with the addition of Michael Silbaugh, he’s sure made a difference in this kid’s life :)

Take a gander at their website Soul Purpose - Official Website, their ReverbNation profile and their YouTube video.

Supporting Unsigned Bands,
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October 15, 2008

The MySpace Matrix on Metal Music Promotions

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Want to know how I feel about MySace? Read this: The MySpace Matrix by Metal Music Promotions, it hits the spot.

Calling all bands, GET A REAL WEBSITE

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