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July 29, 2013

A Sex Pistols Marketing Strategy?

Filed under: Live Music, LibreRock Records, Band Promotion — ian @ 7:49 pm

image - Chris CB Photographie | BB Brunes @ Magic Mirror

@CheltenhamUnder Tweeted to me:

Here’s my reply:

Even in a world where a Sex Pistols marketing strategy has become acceptable, is there ever a good time to call a potential customer a c*nt?

Sorry Cheltenham Underground, but I think that you’ve lost the plot, categorizing customers into subspecies of a c*nt: the deaf, dumb and blind, is truly offensive; it demonstrates appalling customer relations and a complete lack of understanding of how to deal with people - I’m surprised that you’ve got any Regulars!

When I was in my late teens and early twenties (1973-1978) I used to walk past Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood’s shop (430 King’s Road - it’s now called World’s End) many times a week on my way to and from work on the King’s Road, Chelsea - occasionally I’d pop in on a Saturday afternoon. The shop had a number of guises and names; when it was called Seditionaries (Christmas ‘76) I bought myself a very expensive T-shirt. I wouldn’t have dreamed of asking for a discount - it wasn’t the done thing! BDSM Nazi bondage sex war upside down images of bombed out London and faux threats, were all very subversive, provocative, anarchistic, anti-establishment and anti-christian; but quite frankly, the shop workers were very welcoming and wanted to help, I can’t ever remember having any agro, the only difficulty I had was having enough cash to spend! …questioning cost would have been even more radical and rebellious!

How times have changed. My wife works in a local charity shop that funds a day centre for the elderly; regularly a customer will stand confrontationally in front of her brandishing their chosen item, “What’s your best price?” they usually say in a hostile, barefaced tone.
“I’m sorry, we can’t reduce the price, all prices are as marked. We’re all volunteers here and all the profit goes to the Day Centre.” she politely replies.
“Oh come on, there’s a dirty mark, I don’t want to pay the full price.”
“I really can’t reduce the price, all prices have been carefully thought about by the manager, if there wasn’t a superficial mark it would be much more expensive.” The customer either buys the item or leaves it! My wife returns home frustrated and uptight, however, never once have I heard her call them f***ing c*nts, not because she’s a saint (obviously she is), but because she knows that that customer will be back next week saying exactly the same thing and maybe making a purchase or worse, joining as a new volunteer!

Maybe The Cheltenham Underground are using their article, All our shows from here on in will be FREE ENTRY as a cheap promotional gimmick by being f***ing controversial to boost their business. Promotional Bullshit more like!

I do of course have strong views on the live music scene as I am a founding member of the open source record label LibreRock Records, please have a read of our Live Event Ethos - it states exactly where I am coming from.

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