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October 17, 2012

Build Yourself A Microsite

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The Malloys

Very partly inspired by @molovo - molovo - who make hand-made awesome-filled websites - I created a new example microsite: The Malloys; as I’m in the slow process of updating/ rewriting UnsignedBandPromotion, I’ve updated How To Build A Microsite and I have deleted fifteen old microsites.

October 16, 2012

How to get your music heard - Making it big online #MusicMarketing

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How to get your music heard - Making it big online infographic

Jessie Kuwada from @TopInfographics Killer Infographics sent us this trendy infographic, Check out how to get your music heard & make it big online!

Killer Infographics have produced an artful visualization of our 101 Resources for Marketing Music - nice one :) xx

October 8, 2012

An Urban Poet With A Lot Of Soul

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Soul Urban Poet

I met Reuben (@soulurbanpoet) of Soul Urban Poet on Twitter and I’ve been looking forward to the launch of his new website. Obviously, the site is pretty well brand spanking new and needs to ripen a little, but it is very good nevertheless.

Here is what the Soul Urban Poet says:

A website is probably one of the most crucial items for a musician now a days, yet it’s something I’ve never had luck with up until a couple of weeks back. The struggle I’ve had with websites over the years, you wouldn’t believe me if I told you!

I’ve owned a domain name for the last 3 years and never once used it. Which I then went and changed when I finally did get a site up and running! The trouble I’ve always found with web designers, is they are either way to cheap to be true, i.e I’ve had several websites started and several websites incomplete or they have been so bloody expensive. I even applied for financial funding one year to get one built, but to no pleasure I’m afraid. So I just thought, well I am just gunna have to continue bothering people on social media sites such as Facebook, twitter etc., how ever irritating I was becoming to my friends and family.

Then a couple of years later I meet my girl friend who although can cook a mean curry, sadly has basic to no skills with a computer and absolutely no idea how to build a website.

Well she went and locked her self away, only armed with a laptop that can’t be unplugged from the wall, as it will just die, a 2 litre bottle of coke and a handful of peperami’s, and then just tells me “Right, I’m getting sick of you asking me to “Like” everything you do on Facebook, you need a website man!” Now at the time I’m sure it was just an excuse to let me down gently, but low and behold four days later she makes a return, looking tired and frail, but she had made me this stunning website, with everything just the way I wanted it - chuffed!

Yes I’m guilty of playing around with it and moving all the headers up, for me to then go and winge like a baby that I want it all back down again. so she then had to spend hours doing everything all over again, but that could be exactly why I’m now banned for editing my own website!?

Marry her immediately Reuben.

Soul Urban Poet Gallery

For me, the important thing about a website is that it reflects the aura/ personality of the owner. Does Soul Urban Poet’s site achieve that goal? Yes, I think so. The funny thing is, when I first looked at the site, “She’s Leaving Home” (The Beatles 1967 Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band) popped into my head! I’ve no idea why, maybe it’s got something to do with social realism and urban poetry?

I did have a laugh though, when I checked out the site on W3C Markup Validator, they came up with ‘1001 Errors’ - Wow! I’m sure there’s not that many to worry about Reuben, their HTML5 checker is an experimental feature and may not be quite up-to-date. Mind you, I think that was the most errors I’ve ever seen :D

Brilliant Gallery BTW, a lot of bands could learn a thing or two from your girl friend, well done :)

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