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March 26, 2012

How To Upset Me by IAN

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Independent Artist Network
IAN - IndependentArtistNetwork

Over the past thirty years I have worked with many artists: actors, dancers, photographers, painters, sculptors, musicians, designers & writers, some who are famous, all are highly principled (I think!); the one thing that they all worry about is copyright infringement - especially the lesser known independent artists, because when people copy and use their work it normally cuts into their megre earnings and they feel cheated!

The music and film industries are almost obsessed with the problem because copyright infringement costs them millions of dollars - peer-to-peer networks, file sharing sites like the Swedish website The Pirate Bay, are constantly facing litigation and are always under the threat of being shut down; quite rightly so, say the media companies; supporters of file sharing say, "a person who does not share is not only selfish, but bitter and alone" - quote Paulo Coelho 2009. But What About Me, How Do I Feel?

I feel rotten. I get pissed off when tossers use my work and don’t support me by giving me a shout out. I spend hours helping musicians and artists to get their websites noticed and I do it for free. My articles aren’t hidden away in a $10 eBook or Kindle download, they’re open for all to see and use, all I want is for users to follow my copyright and not steal my thunder!

Steven Cooper - Feed him to the pigs said Brick Top

Steven Cooper @iamstevencooper, a Music Professional and owner of Independent Artist Network, copied and posted my article How To Make Money Online By Selling Music onto his website in the Music Business 101 section. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind Mr Cooper using my work, I love it, just like a musician who loves people listening to their music; however, when the accreditation to my work is ambiguous and does not comply with my (UnsignedBandPromotion) Copyright, I get a little upset.

It is very simple Mr Cooper, my work is offered to one and all under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License, which means, it’s yours to use as long as you attribute the work to UnsignedBandPromotion (inc. credit) and Link Back. I do have a universal Copyright Notice which states, "Copyright 1994 All Rights Reserved - unless otherwise stated."

Should You Wish To Use Our Work

Please Link to the Original Article and also include our credit:
<p><a href=””
target=”_blank”>Unsigned Band Promotion</a> help musicians and artists to get their websites noticed by fans, search engines and the music industry in half the time they could do it on their own.</p>

If in doubt, please get in contact, I like to say yes. Thanks for your support and should you wish to make a small Donation, I’d be most grateful ;D Ian xx

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