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March 7, 2012

How To Get 100 Daily Website Visitors - The Golden Ticket

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Golden Ticket to success

Brian Thompson of Thorny Bleeder Records wrote an interesting blog post a while ago titled, 8 Ways To Get 100 Visitors A Day To Your Website; @corecorina of (BTW I like your blog Corina) commented cleverly, "I would like to see ways that the above strategies are implemented to provide ‘concrete’ returns." And I thought, yeah, I’d like to see that too. Brian pointed out that there are NO guarantees or a single golden ticket when getting website traffic - True Brian, very true. Website traffic is gained through multiple processes or actions, that combine to make up an overall strategy.

All this exciting chatter was sparked off by Chris Rockett’s question (posed to the experts), "What is the fastest way to get 100 targeted fans per day visiting your website on a consistent basis without using paid traffic?" in 100 Fan Sprint. I made a follow up blog post, The 100 Fan Decathlon, which provides the reader with an elementary and practical outline of a typical website promotion effort - the sort of thing that Corina was looking for! ;)

How To Get 100 Daily Website Visitors

Here’s an obvious but important thought (question) that you may not have bothered thinking about. "how many fans do you need to get 100 visitors a day?"

The number of fans needed to get 100 Daily Website Visitors - if each fan visits your website on average:
TWICE a month - is approximately 1500
ONCE a week - is approximately 700
TWICE a week - is approximately 350

O.K., the maths is V.simplistic and naive, but you get my point; and please note, the average indipendent band only has around 250 Facebook Likes (Likes are not necessarily true Fans, and, there Is much more to It).

How many times a week do your fans visit your website? If they are merely visiting your website once a year to catch up on stuff, then that’s why your website is dead! Additionally, there is a natural turnover of fans who move on to pastures new, BTW, a high ‘attrition rate’ could be an indicator of total boredom - Oh! and if you’re a bunch of arseholes that won’t help either ;) You do need to be constantly attracting new fans and that’s solved with MARKETING & PROMOTION.

I am assuming that your website is ready to receive visitors by offering brilliant content, however, you might want to read The Most Frequently Found Website Promotion Mistakes, it may give you a few extra ideas.

The Golden Ticket To Success

  • Firstly, create a *Target Fan Profile* - without one you are totally screwed. Think about your fans’: geographical location, age, gender, occupation, attitude, general personality, life-style choices, habits, loyalties, needs, knowledge of your band and information sources.
  • About 70% of your Web traffic will come from Google - a lot of the traffic, unfortunately, could be Web crawlers and Spambots and means nothing! To help cut the crawlers and increase the client requests (or hits), you need words. Search engines use TEXT to find you. Find the top 8 - 10 keywords and/or key-phrases (per webpage) that best describe your band, genre and subject matter (think SEO) - e.g: Genre (indie rock band), Location (Chelsea, London), Venues and Lifestyle Choices i.e. reflecting the demographic factors (habits, attitudes, tastes, moral standards…) that define your target fan. Include the keywords and key-phrases on the appropriate webpage.
  • Go to each page on your website, without exception, and check the HTML head elements (Think About What Words You Want To Be Found For, bear in mind your Target Fan):
    The TITLE element Should look approximately like this: the flying footstools - folk rock band reading berkshire Disambiguation: [Band Name] - [Genre + band] [Geographical Location]. Lowercase, no punctuation.
    The DESCRIPTION meta element Should look approximately like this: the flying footstools are a folk rock band from reading berkshire, on the first saturday of each month we play at the black duck in henley on thames. Disambiguation: [Band Name] are a [Genre + band] from [Geographical Location] , [blurb/puff] [Venue] [Venue’s Geographical Location]. Short sentence (150 characters including spaces), lowercase, minimal punctuation.
    The KEYWORDS meta element Should look approximately like this: the flying footstools, folk rock band, reading, berkshire, black duck, henley on thames Only include the most frequently used keywords contained within the title, description and the webpage, lowercase.
    NOTE (this is the important bit): the Title, Description and Keywords head elements must pertain to each individual webpage’s subject matter and reflect its content - do not just replicate the same head elements throughout website.
  • Add Google to your website: Google Analytics - so you can measure your progress. And Google Adsense - provides a financial yardstick. Read: Reading Website Traffic Statistics.
  • Blogging regularly is an easy (reality check: blogging isn’t easy!) way to make your website entertaining. Either, download the latest version of (free blog software, easy to install, loads of free templates & plugins) or (pick this one) get a free blog from - Google will love you for it ~ post 3 times a week (Mon, Wed & Fri) - share.
  • O.K. it’s time for an idea. You need a Hook. If your target fan was a horse racing enthusiast and you said to him, "Visit my Website tomorrow after 10.30 A.M. and I will tell you the winner of the 2.30 at Ascot." And it won or ‘came in’ (a horse racing colloquialism), you would have a mega-superfan. That’s a hook; a reason to visit your website. Why do you think so many female artists show a little too much flesh? - Maybe it’s time to get your kit off - only joking ;) Instead of posting ‘happy snaps’ on Facebook, put them on your website and tell your Facebook friends to go and have a look - if you’ve included them on your blog, they can comment and share.
  • An easy one for you: Link to your band’s website from all your social networking profiles (
  • Send out an emailshot to your mailing list: Sign up for a free MailChimp account. Create a database of fans, friends and family (spend a lot of time on this list, this is the real gold) - a group of four (with help from friends) should easily be able to assemble a legitimate mailing list of about 500, aim for around 1,500 - 2,000 targeted subscribers. Announce your updated website and use your hook. Ask recipients to help by not only sharing the email, but to spread the word by: liking, tagging, retweeting, bookmarking, commenting and posting your news.
  • Create 480 A8 (74mm x 52mm / 2.9" x 2.0" (16 A8 flyers on a normal sheet of printer paper - A4)) flyers promoting your wesite’s hook - make it very easy to read. Include: Your Band’s Name. Website URL. Marketing Message (the hook). Then, hand them out, only to your target fans - You know where they’re hanging out!

And that’s it, 100 Daily Website Visitors - no problemo. By-The-Way, you’ve got to do ALL these ideas and keep up the good work by constantly updating, checking and tweeking your website - get a friend to help.

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  1. Sounds good…

    We could do with some help

    Comment by Wayne — May 11, 2012 @ 2:21 am

  2. Wow yes Facebook and social media definitely should be used for a great increase in traffic but what sucks is most of the time the traffic is not targeted unless you go the extra mile.

    Comment by kevin — December 2, 2012 @ 3:07 am

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