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February 14, 2011

Twitterific Affiliate Marketing

Filed under: Marketing — ian @ 3:49 pm

One thing that gets my goat is clicking on a only to find some crappy affiliate style site at the other end - it always makes me feel like I’ve been schnookered. And it usually gets me thinking about MySpace’s ‘msplink’ and their daft attempt to ‘protect’ their users from URL bait and malware etc., but I really hope Twitter doesn’t go down the same road.

I’ve got absolutely no problem with affiliate marketing though, I’ve been doing it for around seventeen years, since 1994, and in that time, I’m sorry to say I’ve made many faux pas, however, one affiliate lesson I’ve learned is, ‘trickery is bad for business’.

I had a short ‘conversation’ with a musician after he tweeted an alluring affiliate style teaser, and I paraphrase: “Hey you guys, here’s some great music promotion ideas I’ve been using - Check Them Out!” And after we ‘chatted’, he asked “What should I be doing?” Having already looked at his background, I took that as an example of Socratic irony! UNFOLLOW and block!

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