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November 23, 2010

Band Flyers and Banners

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Band Flyers A5

I’ve been looking at the standard sizes of banner ads, to see if one would translate into an Online Flyer (Hey! It’s a good idea to include your flyer on your website and various profiles). Obviously there are a number of well-known standard banner ad sizes: 728×90 Leaderboard, 468X60 Full Banner (standard), 120X60 Button, 88×31 Micro Bar, 125×125 Square Button, 300×250 Medium Rectangle, 180×150 Rectangle… but there wasn’t a size that would fit with the reduction of an A5 flyer (140mm x 210mm). So, I took a look around the Web and I’ve come up with the 180px X 255px Vertical Rectangle.

Of course, reducing an A5 flyer down to 180X255 can cause problems - one can’t read the information - so that’s no good!

Band Flyers A6 180X255

I made a very basic A6, postcard size flyer (102mm x 152mm, 5.75″ x 4.375″, 1/4 A4. Yeah, I know You can design a better flyer), and by keeping it simple it resized very well (BTW, Thanks Menendez for allowing me to use their ‘old’ flyers and cobble one together using their name) - see above.

  1. To keep life simple and the results awesome, I recommend you start off with an A6 (102mm x 152mm), postcard size flyer - they’re easy & cheap to print, four flyers to an A4 (normal printer paper. Black & white or monochrome?). Creating an effective flyer may not be that easy if you don’t have the tools or talent - you’d better find someone who has! The idea is to create a flyer that works: clear, informative and easy to read text. Interesting and eye-catching graphics. Reduce the A6 flyer image to make a 180px X 255px Vertical Rectangle flyer ad.
  2. Think about your fans and the information they’re seeking from your flyer - are there any special factors like age restrictions?
  3. If entry to the gig is FREE, make sure it’s displayed clearly - people are interested in the word FREE, so it will make your flyer more eye-catching!
  4. The best position to place the 180×255 Vertical Rectangle flyer is about halfway down on the right-hand side of your website’s opening page.
  5. You definitely need to spread the word about your next gig. You can do this by asking fans, friends & family and local bands of the same genre to display your flyer on their: Website, Facebook, Myspace, ReverbNation, Wordpress, etc… Can you see the problem? What happens after the gig, and your wonderful flyer becomes obsolete? Make a 180×255 Vertical Rectangle banner advertising your band. Name the image YourBandName-flyer.jpg (this is the file everyone links to, it will always be the filename of your flyer AND banner images - get it?). Now you only need to change/manage the filenames and replace/swap the image as and when required! - - Oh God! even that solution can cause problems, so provide a selection of the two (different image names) and let the ‘advertiser’ choose.
  6. Encourage other local bands of the same genre to swap flyers/banners/links with your website. Create a ‘Your Flyer Here’ or special flyer page - it’s a good idea to provide your flyer/banner link code (the HTML). This is all good for website promotion too!
  7. Keep an eye on your website’s access logs to get an idea of what flyer/banner design works best - you may need to create some alternative flyers/banners, don’t stick with the same old design.

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