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November 11, 2010

Next Day Flyers Print Flyers!

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I was contacted by Leslie, who I assume is part of the Next Day Flyers promotion/link building team! She sent me some blurb, and here it is:

How are you promoting your upcoming shows? Naturally there are many methods including online marketing and offline marketing. One of the most common ways to create buzz about an upcoming performance is to utilize printed club flyers. Printed event flyers can be distributed via the venue you will be performing at a couple of weeks prior to your show. This gives potential guests time to plan and schedule around your gig. Flyers can also be distributed to businesses in the area where there is a potential crossover in the fan base you are trying to attract. For instance, if there are music shops, coffee shops, and book-stores located nearby your venue, you may want to leave your flyers on hand at those businesses. If a band of a similar genre is performing at a bar, don’t be afraid to place your flyers on the windshields of cars in the area. Every bit of exposure helps.

Next Day Flyers is an online printing company offering custom printed materials. Their service meets the needs of bands, DJs and musicians who have the goal of spreading the word about a performance and attracting more visitors. Next Day Flyers has themed templates offered on their website designed specifically for musicians to use. Custom layouts can be created online in a matter of minutes. Be sure to think through your next marketing tactics and do what is needed to attract a large crowd.

Of course, Next Day Flyers is a USA based printing company; I’m sure they’re not targeting bands and clubs based in the UK, costs would be far too high (actually, don’t most people go locally for printing so they can build up a relationship with the printer?). I thought I’d give you a Price Check and a rough idea what the costs would be for a typical band’s flyer: 100 X half page (A5) ‘Night Club Flyer’, full colour front & blank back, 100lb glossy paper, printing turn around 2-4 business days: Sub Total $39.95 Plus shipping @ $11.53 (that’s to Houston, TX, they’re in Rancho Dominguez, CA).

Is $51.48 expensive for 100 flyers Leslie? At Band Flyers they’re Free - one has to print them off oneself though!

I have always recommended that bands use both online and real world techniques to promote themselves; flyers bridge the two, you can post them as an image on social networking sites and hand them out at gigs (promoting your next gig), they are almost always good value for money, even at $51!

If you give Next Day Flyers a try, please let me know how you got on.


  1. Every week I get around six companies asking me for a ‘business partnership’ or some other form of association that usually involves Me,, giving Them a fanfuckingtastic link with nil reward and definitely without a reciprocal link - selfish tossers! I’ve been promoting websites for over fifteen years, so I am always very wary of an email that dangles a carrot. NextDayFlyers are no exception, normally I wouldn’t have gone for it, I offer my services for free, so I’m not too keen on promoting commercial websites (note: especially websites that offer to sell music downloads). After the usual exchange of emails and me blogging, I sent an email to Leslie saying, ‘I’ve posted your blurb’, and she replies with, "Thanks, I think."

    Thanks I think! Thanks I think: because I’ve told the world how much Next Day Flyers charge for about one hundred flyers? Thanks I think: because I’ve mentioned Band Flyers and the fact that they’re free but you’ve got to print them out yourself? Or is my tone not quite right? Jesus H. Christ, do yourself (and Next Day Flyers) a favour love - take the day off!

    Anyway, The reason I posted "Next Day Flyers Print Flyers", was so I had to write this:

    You do know what a flyer is, don’t you? A flyer is one of those annoying shitty little pieces paper that drips onto your pristine lap from a magazine like the sticky sauce on barbecue spare ribs or, if you’re unlucky on the way to the shopping mall maybe it’s passed to you like influenza by an emaciated beanie wearing zombie. Hey - wake up! Flyers Are* a very effective form of direct marketing - they really are.

    The flyers that bands use should be cheap, not $51.48 (about £32), which is actually a pretty standard price for 100 A5 full colour flyers - personally I’d go for A6, postcard size (102mm x 152mm, 5.75" x 4.375", 1/4 A4) black and white/monochrome, printed off at home or a photocopy shop, cheap, almost, maybe, free, or pop around the corner to your friendly local printer and he’ll come up with the right solution at the right price, they do photocopying too, just make sure you give him loads of time - last minute tends to be expensive.

    The design of your A6 flyer is critical (think about your "brand" and image). It should be simple and eye-catching, not crammed, overflowing and unclear, so people can understand your message at a fleeting glance. Include: your band’s name and website address, time and location of gig <THINK>Contact Information</THINK> - that’s it!

    Get a map, find the venue, draw a circle with a radius of about 20 miles (about 32 kilometres) around the venue, hit those streets with your flyer. Go to all the places where your potential fans are (schools, colleges & universities, independent record/book shops, fashion shops, coffee houses, pubs and nightclubs), then (legally) hand out, post, pin up, stick and drop your flyers. You Need To Direct A Targeted Local Audience To Your Website & Gig.

    Also, have a gander at Zazzle - they’ve got a nifty flyer design tool.

    Comment by ian — November 16, 2010 @ 4:17 pm

  2. Ian makes a couple of good points. It’s even worth taking your design to a flyer printing shop near where your band is playing. They will have no doubt printed flyers for lots of bands, and can give you the benefit of their experiences

    Comment by Chloe — March 21, 2011 @ 4:46 pm

  3. I see your point, bands need to promote themselves at minimal cost to make any sort of money back. Flyers are an age old form of promotion and knowing a good designer will help to make the difference on impact.

    If you volumes are fairly low like you say around. 100 then maybe local print shops could help certainly copy shops if the quality of paper isn’t of great concern. Principally they need to be geared up for digital printing, so if your looking for low volumes then google a digital printer if you don’t source locally.

    It becomes cost effective to use online sources based on volume but it must be a hard thing for bands to gauge. If you have an event you know your going to have time to promote then larger volumes and more cost effective pricing maybe feasible.

    Comment by Flyer Print UK (Andy) — March 27, 2012 @ 3:52 pm

  4. Thanks for the comment Andy :)

    I’ll point bands your way:

    I Like your prices: 250 A6 flyers Full Colour Single Sided, about £55 :)

    Comment by ian — March 29, 2012 @ 8:14 pm

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