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June 22, 2010

Why Should An Artist Care About SEO?

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Virginie Berger wrote Well, what is a good digital music strategy? and I replied to Part 5 - Master the web! on MTT or is it Part 6 – SEO or Search Engine Optimisation? The reason I’m posting it here as well, is because it fills a gap in how I feel about SEO in: Search Engine Optimization SEO For Bands. Promoting Gigs From Your Website. Make Money From Your Bands Website. Links And Linking The Dark Art.

Why should an artist care about SEO? Because SEO is a part of branding, and branding is a part of the ‘big idea’, has your band got a big idea, an aim, a goal, a commitment? I bet it hasn’t, it’s why most bands fail (apart from the fact they can’t stay together for more than ten minutes), they don’t have a plan, strategy or any ideas, they don’t even know the difference between a Myspace page and a website (bands attach their URL to their MySpace page, really, I’m not joking).

Helping musicians and artists to get their websites noticed by fans, search engines and the music industry is what I love doing. Actually, most bands aren’t interested in SEO at all, they are more interested in branding, which is OK by me, I wish I had a pound for every time a band asked me to help them get their name out there, however, many bands don’t even have a website, they only have a MySpace, Facebook and a few of the other usual networking suspects like ReverNation, and when I do visit their profile pages, they’ve got the same egotistical self-indulgent mind numbing shit daubed everywhere and this isn’t helped by the social networking sites who actively encourage synchronization and therefore taedium vitae big time, tip: use different content on different social networking sites so when people ‘click around’ they don’t feel the need to stick a vacuum up their nose and suck out their spongy frustrated brains, anyway, bands shouldn’t be getting bogged down with worrying about SEO, it’s not that difficult and employing an SEO professional will not make that much of a difference to your band’s website - only to your pocket, and if you do go for an SEO consultation it won’t be long before the consultant is trying to baffle you with science and talking about ‘the long tail’ and ‘pay per click advertising management’ and ‘conversion ratios’ and ‘channelising traffic for transactional websites’ and ‘integrated search marketing strategy’ and ‘brand exposure’ and ‘keyword science linguistics research relevancy & themed saturation’ and ‘consumer business fan base profiling’ and ‘web analytics’ and bloody ‘bounce rates’ until you’re holding your hands up in defeat and saying "It’s OK, you do it for me", and if you don’t, the clever highwayman (they’re not all crooks) will still find a way of lifting your wallet. Don’t be lazy by leaving SEO to the professionals, do-it-yourself (sounds like I’m contradicting myself), most band’s websites would only take two or three hours to sort out once you know what to do and if you don’t know what to do, Ask Me.

I’ll help you for free.

And then your band’s website will appear in the first ten search results, for your band’s name and ’something else’, I’m not talking about misdirection and being found for bollocks or difficult keywords like ’sex’, ‘mp3′ or ‘MySpace Rock Bands’, I’m talking about targeting people who don’t know you, but who share your band’s lifestyle choices, potential fans. SEO can also be about second guessing, attempting to predict or anticipate what people are going search for to find your website, it’s an odd topic with loads of scope for error and success! And yes, forget about going viral, the tantalizing teasing lure that draws in hundreds of thousands of bands to overloaded social networking sites (like: YouTube and MySpace), with its promise of fame and fortune, it’s a dream, it ain’t gonna happen.

Blow SEO, spend your time with your music and getting to know your fans.

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  1. Hey Ian,

    Great post! SEO is very important for anyone looking to establish a strong online presence, really. I’m glad that you stressed it here.

    Coincidentally, I just wrote a guest post for my friend Jon over at MicControl’s blog about SEO as well….check it out if you are interested:



    Comment by Chris Bracco — June 22, 2010 @ 6:21 pm

  2. Many thanks. Yeah read it, nice one Chris

    Comment by ian — June 22, 2010 @ 9:19 pm

  3. Very good points. SEO is vital in any online venture. Anyone who has a blog knows that. However, most new bands aren’t too keen on the idea. Pretty much because it’s frickin boring…unless you LIKE to work online. It’s better to hire it done in most cases.

    I put a few more ideas down to help bands promote their music online.

    Send Out a Newsletter

    You can send out a newsletter via email to your possible fans or people in your age group. It’s pretty simple and it only costs around twenty bucks a month for the service. The best way to capture people’s emails is from your website or every time you sell tickets for a show you can ask for your fans’ email address. Then you can stay in touch with them with your newsletter and give your fans updates and discounts and such.

    Use Social Networking Sites

    Surprise surprise right? But you really have to be using Facebook and Twitter. I’m not a fan of MySpace so I wouldn’t advise using it anyway. However, there are over 300,000,000 (that’s three hundred million) people on Facebook. Set up fan pages and stay in contact with your friends and give out promotional materials to your Facebook and Twitter friends. You’ll also want to have a nice following on Facebook because band managers and record labels look at that kind of stuff.

    Post Your Music Videos on YouTube

    Yes, again you’ll have to give away your goods. You can use a basic flip digital recorder and have someone tape your band doing a few songs. Then post those songs on YouTube. You can promote that on your Facebook page as well to drive more traffic. It works. This is a ninja tactic that all the internet marketers use and they are making a killing at time. And you will too.

    Have a Blog

    Your blog can be a free Blogger blog or you can host a Wordpress blog with your domain name. Your blog will be your main website for your band. Post your music on there, sell CDs, T-shirts and even MP3s. The list is endless at how you can promote your band online with your blog. Just make sure you update the blog at least twice a week so it will rank higher in the search engines.



    Comment by Shane — July 2, 2010 @ 10:06 pm

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