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April 20, 2010

Busking Cancer

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Radfax Psychedelic Rock band London

Spring has sprung the grass is ris, I wonders where the birdies is… so says Charlie Brown, Spike Milligan, Ogden Nash or was it E.E. Cummings? I suppose if you’re a fair-weather band you might be thinking of getting out into the fresh, Spring air and going busking? No? Worried about volcanic ash getting into your equipment or lungs?

Over the last week or so, I’ve noticed a GoogleAd for Busking Cancer, which is an event in aid of Cancer Research UK and sponsored by Fender® that You can get involved with. I’m interested because it is a website promotion opportunity. Your local media are often looking for ways to appear philanthropic (without actually really doing anything!), so it’s quite easy for bands to promote themselves while supporting (and on the back of) a local charity.

Out of curiosity for what bands I might find who have Busked for Cancer, I search Google Web and Google Images and the band that stands out from the crowd are Radfax. Radfax have not got a real website (but that isn’t stopping them) - they have only got profile pages: MySpace, Radfax Blog, UnsignedChart, PeacefestUK/Ning, Twitter and YouTube. Wow, They could’ve bought <joke>like I just did</joke> which was about £22 for 2 years, and could have been a focal point for all their efforts!?

Radfax are a Psychedelic Rock band from London and they Busked for Cancer in September 2009. Their music is influenced by Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, early Clapton, Rage Against the Machine, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Black Sabbath and many more I’m sure.
The band members are: - Skullyman: rhythm guitar, lead and backing vocals. Speed: vocals, rhythm guitar. Tony: bass. Flud: drums.
Go and see them play live at Lock 17 Camden Lock, London - they post their gig dates on their blog and Twitter.

How To Promote Your Website While Busking: hand out business cards or flyers (Include: band name, website URL, email address) to everyone who donates, offering them a free mp3. Put the freebie on your website and Make It Very Easy To Find And Download. Ask them to join your mailing list to get another freebie from the same web page.

Always wear T-shirts with a readable Web Address on - if you send me a T-shirt (I’m XXL and my favourite colour is black. Email for my postal address UK), I’ll use a photograph of it for my avatar.

Visit Busking Cancer on Twitter and get a little local promotion for yourselves and your bands’ websites.

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  1. Next Busking Cancer Week 17th–25th July 10, 400 places left

    Comment by ian — April 26, 2010 @ 6:07 pm

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