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February 13, 2010

5 Ways To Promote Your Band’s Website Locally

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Et des images - Chris CB Photographie | Tremore @ La Bellevilloise (Clak!), Paris
Promoting your band’s website locally is about getting more people to come to your gigs (if you don’t gig, don’t bother), it’s usually only locals who’ll turn up and support you. By promoting your band’s website locally you are also promoting your band locally - it works best if you’re hands-on, real world, for instance, if you want to get a link from the local press or local radio, it would help if your band proactively supports a local charity.

Local is the area around your favourite venue (the venue you like and play most) or your town. Get a map. Find the venue or town centre. Draw a circle with a radius of about 25 miles (about 40 kilometres) around the venue or town centre. That’s local. 25 miles represents the distance people would be prepared to travel to see an independent band in the UK. Because of the transport infrastructure and familiarity with commuting, you can have a 35 mile radius around a London venue (same in most large cities). Bands who operate in large cities have a big advantage - of course you don’t have to target everyone!


  1. Swap links and get involved with local: businesses, charities, record shops, fashion shops, cafes, pubs, clubs, venues. Get links from local: press, radio.
  2. (Legally) Hand out, post, pin up, stick and drop (accidentally!): flyers, stickers, business cards, button badges - in and around: schools, colleges, universities, record shops, fashion shops, cafes, pubs, clubs, venues and churches. Include your band’s name, website address and free gift details.
  3. Team-up and collaborate with 5 or more local bands of the same or complementary genre and promote each other online and offline.
  4. Use the networking communities (esp. Facebook, MySpace, ReverbNation) to communicate with the locals. Always make your website The focal point.
  5. Create a mailing list / database of fans, friends and family, target those within your locale and ask them for support. And don’t forget, if you can’t make it locally with the support of your fans, friends and family, you’re not going to make it anywhere!


  1. Another trick is to simply use Google search to target the location. It can only do it by country which is not so great if you live in the US but works much better if you live in England, France, or other comparably small countries.

    If you’ve got the $$ for an advertising budget you can go as location specific as you would like.

    Comment by Justin — March 2, 2010 @ 4:52 am

  2. Thanx for your comment Justin. I talk extensively about SEO solutions on this site, and even though a person may Google “rock bands berkshire” (genre+area) or “the tumbledown dick farnborough” (venue+area), and it is possible to put your band on Google Maps, promoting your website locally works much better if you use a combination of hands on & real world and online by connecting/linking with other local businesses, organizations and bands.

    Money gets you everything, but I’m talking FREE.

    Comment by ian — March 2, 2010 @ 10:02 am

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