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January 1, 2010

UnsignedBandPromotion Ramble 2010

Filed under: General Musings — ian @ 3:25 pm

unsigned band promotion bands resourcesI’d like things to change around here in 2010!

I am sure my strap-line (Helping musicians and artists get their Websites noticed by fans, search engines and the music industry in half the time they could do it on their own) will not change, UnsignedBandPromotion will still be sweet music for your website, and be the worlds best free website promotion resource and service for musicians and artists - I just want it to be better!

It all started with Matt posting a link to a website that calculated how much ones website is worth. What’s my website worth? I asked, £28,000 came the reply. Yeah, right! I didn’t believe it, but it did get me thinking. Of course there are a whole range of variables to be considered when determining the worth of ones website: How much is the domain name worth? What are the monthly or annual earnings and is there a history of profits? How long has the website been up and running? How much traffic does the website get and are the sources of traffic reliable - is the website itself reliable? How does the website compare with other websites of its type? Does the website have potential to progress? What are the running costs of the website? ect… Then I took a cold, hard look at, and I came to the conclusion that it’s worth about £8000 at best. Wow, not much for all that effort and what it offers. I also realized that it is I who makes this website and gives the free service, and therefore it is I who will have to change in 2010 and give a better service.

Over the last ten years or so there’s been lots of whingeing from the music industry about piracy, file sharing and profits. And there’s been bounteous and gleeful criticism from the industry commentators telling us that the music industry isn’t keeping up with technology or the mood and temper of the times. But, I really don’t feel sorry for either parties especially the multinational conglomerates like EMI, News Corp., Sony, Universal, Warner and Apple Inc., who have such an influence and massive hold on the industry, their fingers are in so many pies the little indie band doesn’t stand a chance - no change there then!

My simplistic understanding of the music industry is that it falls into two distinct groups, 1. the musicians who create the music, and 2. everyone else in the business!! Why is it when these two groups don’t make their expected profits they blame each other AND The Consumer - never themselves? I know it’s a complex industry but isn’t the customer always right? Ah, the consumer and the customer are two different entities (I’m being ironic)! I believe that a man who takes a business risk is entitled (not guaranteed) to make a profit as a reward, i.e., make a profit by giving customers what they want. And maybe that’s one of the problems, the music industry isn’t heading in the same direction as the one the customer would have chosen for himself?

One of the big changes over the last ten years has been the way musicians are able to create, market and promote their music and themselves. New technology has enabled completely useless and incompetent musicians to stand shoulder to shoulder alongside the idols they admire, follow and emulate (yeah of course I’m talking purely on a ‘Website’ basis here), independent musicians have never had it so good! And yes, that’s another problem for the music industry, sorting out the wheat from the chaff for the consumer. Marketing (the art/business of selling) is about customers, not producers; demand, not supply.

I do not differentiate between musicians good or bad, useless or talented I aim help anyone get their websites noticed by fans, search engines and the music industry in half the time they could do it on their own, as I said, that’s my strap line (BUT, you must have a website. I do not help bands to promote MySpace, PureVolume and profiles in general, or FreeWebs, Yahoo! GeoCities, LYCOS.tripod and other free webhosting type of pages. You need a real Website*). …Which is a pretty big call, but true, and I do it for free. Pound for pound I offer the worlds best free resources and services to help with website promotion for musicians and in the next decade I’m going to do it even better.


  1. Ian,

    I think you put together a great blog. I read through each one and I think it’s awesome that you help these musicians. We’ve got one more tool for you to add. I work with an iPhone app called Riff Raters. Musicians can put a 20 second (20 seconds because more could have some copyright issues if someone were to copy a major band) riff onto the app and have others rate it. Listeners can become fans. Riffers can put in their url’s to websites and social media sites. It’s not limited to guitars either. All instruments are welcome. The app is $1.99 U.S. from the app store and we’d love to see some riffers from the U.K. on it. We all know many of the best musicians come from the U.K.

    I know that sounds like an ad or a plug…but I’ve always liked helping good bands get noticed and this is one way of doing just that.



    Comment by Frankie — January 5, 2010 @ 2:11 am

  2. Yeah Frankie that’s an ad and a plug, but I’m happy for you to get away with that one, good luck with it ;)

    Comment by ian — January 5, 2010 @ 2:47 pm

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