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November 1, 2009

Themis’s Band Promotion Targets First Lady!

Filed under: General Musings, Band Promotion — ian @ 4:21 pm

Themis the underground gothic rock band from Aurora, Ontario pissed me off last week by sending me an email using carbon copy (CC) instead of blind carbon copy (BCC), consequently I’m looking and laughing at the dynamics and interconnections of Themis’s odd list of email contacts - the funniest being, “”. My email address is there too, not so funny.

The CC facility in your email client will add a selected entry from your address book to an email message, and display their email address in the header information. The BCC does the same but hides their email address in the header information. So, CC shows the email addresses and BCC hides the email addresses - each method has its uses. If you are going to send out an emailshot, use BCC to hide the addresses and you will not annoy anyone - especially the First Lady!

A bands mailing list is so very precious. Protect it, nurture it, it’s pure gold. Don’t fuck it up in one fell swoop by giving out their personal information - think, discretion. And make sure the recipients are subscribed to your list or the law of nature will eventually come down on you like a ton of hot bricks.

Themis follows a Wiccan creed, has a code of ethics and even a mantra, but no “privacy policy” or unsubscribe information - Pity.

If your band is sending out a newsletter, your subscribers will have privacy and unsubscribe expectations. To create a privacy policy go to: DMA privacy policy generator.

Hey Themis, MailChimp make it very easy for bands to send email newsletters, manage subscriber lists, track campaign performance and send RSS to email. They offer a free MailChimp account (Forever Free Plan) where you can store up to 500 subscribers and send up to 3,000 times a month - that’s not bad. Themis, I recommend that you sign-up for MailChimp’s free email plan, and start building a proper list today.

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