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September 8, 2009

A Chimp On The Monkees Mailing List

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Email Marketing and Email List Manager | MailChimpHow can we improve our band’s website to get more fans?
Obviously improve your site’s content and linking - not enough content, I love the look and feel of your site - check html @W3C. Yes Daniel, you’re a talented, hungry young band, but if you want to move up to the next level quickly, you must get into conversation with your Fans, not your twenty thousand++ figment of your imagination Friends. It’s what your website and web 2.0 is for, chatting, talking, gossiping - communicating. You’re not doing it as effectively as you could be. You are not collecting names and addresses and encouraging fans and friends to join your mailing list - because you haven’t got one! Start building a mailing list Now.

I would have thought Daniel, that you and your fellow band members along with your girlfriends could assemble a list of about 250 potential fans - my wife had absolutely no trouble coming up with a wedding list of over 200!!! Your initial target should be 500 ‘local & supportive’ subscribers, and that would mean you could confidently count on 35-75 (average 55, more depending on how supportive they are) turning up to your gigs.

As I’ve said before in Make Money From Your Band’s Website and I quote: “A mailing list is the ultimate marketing, promotional and money making tool, it goes together with a website like rock and roll. The main purpose of a mailing list is targeted communication by email, thus keeping your fans informed. It will pay big dividends by boosting online sales and by increasing your audience size dramatically (for audience size - keep it local). When a visitor signs up to your mailing list, they are ‘hot’ and are likely to be the most responsive - if you reply promptly. Your most valuable asset is your hot list. A mailing list takes a lot of looking after if you want results. Spend as much time as possible tweaking the list - you’ll never get it perfect.”

“A well honed and targeted mailing list of around 1500 local people (that’s targeted local, not random WWW), should yield about 400-500 supportive fans, and that means you can tell the venue manager with certainty that you will be bringing 100-200 thirsty fans to the gig.” — then you’ll get more gigs than you can handle, you’ve got the talent.

Did you know The Monkees who were a pop rock band from Los Angeles, California, during the years 1966 – 1970, have got a website and a mailing list sign-up form! Why? Because a newsletter, like I said, is a great way to make money - it’s always about money.

MailChimp make it very easy for bands to send email newsletters, manage subscriber lists, track campaign performance and send RSS to email. They offer a free MailChimp account (Forever Free Plan) where you can store up to 500 subscribers and send up to 3,000 times a month - that’s not bad. Daniel, I recommend that you sign-up for MailChimp’s free email plan, and start building your list today.

Go Bananas! When you eventually need to go over the 500 subscribers limit for the forever free plan, why not consider combining your mailing list with another local band’s, and start collaborative marketing? Of course you will need to sign up to the paid version of MailChimp, but you would both benefit from the much bigger list and by splitting the costs it would be cheaper.

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