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August 13, 2009

The Arabella Question

Filed under: SEO, Band Promotion — ian @ 4:21 pm

Arabella blues pop band coventry - Kasbah nightclub West MidlandsI received an email from James (Vox, Guitar) of Arabella a dirty blues pop band from Coventry, West Midlands asking: “Please would you explain how micro-sites help SEO so much as the results seem pretty remarkable”? My answer: “An UBP Micro-Site is almost the perfect link”.

Yeah, but there’s more, SEO is a method of increasing the amount of visitors to a website by targeting the website specifically to a particular search engine, ensuring the website will be found in the result pages for targeted keywords - that’s one of the definitions anyway. There are two main directive headings; Content and Linking, and each of these have many subheadings all with tomes written about them and industries built around them. Unsigned Band Promotion’s Micro-Sites are reasonably well placed within most of the SEO criteria.

Of course I could just give bands a backlink, but compared to a simple text link a Micro-Site offers much more…

  • Links placed within highly targeted relevant content that promotes the band’s: url. name. genre. venue.
  • Organic human click-through traffic - an additional dedicated entry point to your website.
  • The Micro-Site ranks for itself and will add rank to yours.
  • Your adverts and content are included on an established and trusted website (
  • Bands can own ALL the adverts, which has a number of important spin-offs.
  • The Micro-Site is ‘a presell page’ or ‘hosted content’ - a marketeer’s linking zenith.

I am not making Micro-Sites by request anymore, only by invitation, sorry. Don’t be downhearted though, you are welcome to copy a Micro-Site and alter it to include your style and information. Please include a link back to me.

Arabella blues pop band coventry - Kasbah nightclub West Midlands Arabella blues pop band coventry - BIOGRAPHY Arabella blues pop band coventry - MUSIC Arabella blues pop band coventry - PRESS Arabella blues pop band coventry - MEDIA

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  1. Just thought I’d say that Arabella have a very pretty website - 07 June 2011 :)

    Comment by ian — June 7, 2011 @ 1:24 pm

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