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July 24, 2009

Visit hype-free

Filed under: General Musings — ian @ 9:37 pm

hype-freeI got one of the crazy emails today offering me money to place a link on Unsigned Band Promotion for a year. I knew something was up, so I Googled their name - FortitudeHosting. O.K., let’s forget them now, nuff said.

In my search for inf. I discover: hype-free and I’ve just spent a very happy one and a half hours reading their blog, which is, in their words, "A blog which tries to demystify computer security, point out the half-truths and misinformation which floats around about this subject and hopefully reduce the hype created by semi-informed people. It also has some useful tips from time to time." –does exactly what it says on the can, as they say.

hype-free may not be Your thing, but it Is Mine and that’s why I’m giving them a link instead of some dodgy chancer.

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