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June 2, 2009

Unsigned Bands At Ben Sherman

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Unsigned Bands at Ben SermanI took my son into Ben Sherman, Reading, last Friday to buy a T-shirt, while I was there I saw and picked up a card that announced, “Are you an unsigned band or talent?” and this is what it goes on to say:

In February 2009 Ben Sherman re-launched it’s website. It’s bold, it’s beautiful and in the spirit of all things mod, we’ll continue to support the best British bands out there.

Put the scales of justice back into balance, and make your music heard.

Each month our Big British Sound page will shed the limelight on an unsigned talent. Your signature track will play automatically as our browsers click their way around the site, and we’ll even dedicate an entire page to you; band bio, gallery, media player with tree of your best, videos, links to your MySpace… the lot. Think of us as your musical pied pipers.

To expose yourselves (in the best kind of way) to thousands of new groupies, send an email to:, along with a link to your MySpace, or simply attach three of your favourite tracks.

If you make the grade, we’ll be in touch.

Nice one Ben Sherman

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