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April 20, 2009

Quality Content

Filed under: website promotion — ian @ 11:41 pm

I was pleased Bill Slawski, of SEO by the Sea fame, Twittered a link to Colleen Jones’s article post Toward Content Quality, because it was an informative read - [read it for yourself here]. I wanted to leave a brief comment on, but I didn’t want to sign up for a free TypePad account, so, I’ll post it here for you instead!

There is more to a web page’s content than meets the eye - while viewing a web page Right Mouse Click in white space and click on View Source in the pop-up menu to see the page’s actual content.

Content is a much bandied about word in promotional circles on the Internet, that’s because most website promotion techniques rely on search engines. For instance, if you’re looking for a band on the net, you go to a search engine, you enter in the band’s name, the search engine serves up its list of relevant websites. Exactly how the search engines do this, is a secret (their secret, not mine), but we all expect them to get it right and display our lost band in the top ten results. They do it by analysing Content, that is: Your domain name (, header tag information (title, description, keywords), the textual content within the BODY of the web page (includes anchor titles, image ALT text and maybe comments) and how the website content relates to the websites it links to and visa-versa. We also think that the search engines analyse language, that is to say, how words relate to each other (e.g. flying lesson, rock and roll, beef jerky etc.), compound words (e.g. maidenhead, yourself) and compound phrases (typically found in domain names, e.g. newmusicstrategies, seobythesea, unsignedbandpromotion).

Content also means: ‘the quality of what the website has to say’ (that’s what keeps the fans coming back). Colleen Jones askes the question, "how do we know whether content is any good?", see: Content Quality Checklists for the answer. Does your bands website content come up to scratch?

The big question Is: "Does your bands website include enough quality content to be found in the search engine results?" You might want to give yourself an UBP Website Check

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