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March 26, 2009

How should a band spend £300 of promotional money?

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How should a band spend £300 of promotional moneyA couple of weeks ago Valerie King who is a senior contributor for the Atlanta online music resource The Silver Tongue contacted me regarding her blog post, The Art of Blatant Self-Promotion: A “How To Guide” for Artists and Musicians. She asked me if I’d take a gander and do an interview on what is all about, sometime in the future.

I had The Silver Tongue interview in my mind when I read Ariel Hyatt’s Social Media & Online Marketing For Musicians - 10 Questions For an Expert in the Trenches on Music Think Tank, and I wondered what questions Valerie would ask me and how I would be able to respond? Have a read of the MTT post and see question 10. So in preparation I asked myself the question: How should a band spend £300 of promotional money? £300 is about $500! Of course, £300 doesn’t go very far if you’re employing someone in the UK for “social media networking services and instruction” - one day at best! But you might be surprised to see how far £300 goes.

  1. £62 If you haven’t got one already, get yourself a website. £62 (per annum) will get you a free domain name and free setup, 1500 gig’s of webspace, 15000 gig’s of bandwidth, 2500 accounts, blogs, forums, galleries, e-commerce software - a quick start online store, $75 in Google and Yahoo search credits, etc…
    Networking and online marketing needs focus, a strategy and a focal point. Your own domain name and website is the perfect focal point. For more inf. see: iPowerWeb
  2. £125 One of the reasons a band should have a website is so they can collect fans email addresses and send out a newsletter and gig information. A well maintained mailing list is the one thing that will increase your audience numbers and boost your website’s traffic. £125 (per annum) will buy email marketing software (hosted is best) that will allow you to have up to 500 subscribers (more subscribers will cost more), and unlimited: email campaigns, website sign up forms, newsletters and autoresponders… A website and an email newsletter go together like rock & roll. For more inf. see: AWeber.
  3. £62 A common free gift for a band to give away is an mp3 - the more people who listen to your music, the more music you’re likely to sell. A flash drive is an expensive free gift, handle with care, but it would make a terrific prize or lure for a gig. £62 will buy you, 20 X 1GB USB flash drives at an average low cost of about $4.99 from Amazon, eBay and Google Product Search - obviously you need to load it up with your music - and maybe earn some ‘extra’ (even pay for the whole shebang) by including your sponsors message. Ask the recipients to pass it on once they’ve downloaded your music.
  4. £13 One of the most important ingredients in a successful marketing campaign is Your Contact Information - it should be on everything. £13 will buy you a self-inking rubber stamp that includes: your logo and 4 lines of text in black, red or blue ink. Include: your band’s name, telephone number, email address, website URL. There are loads of sellers on the ‘net. It’s very low tech but an effective and productive idea - stamp it onto everything!
  5. £38 Give something away. Nothing on the internet is really free, there’s always a pay off: “We give you a voucher from the website and you get a free gift at our next gig” :: “You join our mailing list”. The problem is, how much to give away? £38 will buy you 100 x 25mm badges imprinted with band’s name and logo. Of course you don’t have to give them away, selling badges is an age old way of promoting your band’s name and making a few quid too.
    As with all ‘merchandising’ products, the more you buy the cheaper the individual item becomes. Here are some more ideas: bumper stickers, drum sticks, fake tattoos, greeting cards, guitar picks, imprinted pens, lanyards, lighters, matchbooks, portfolio of signed pictures (DIY version), stickers. There are loads of sellers on the ‘net. Make sure the free gift is easy to find and simple to get, and don’t forget the pay off.

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March 8, 2009

Some Bands Can Be Such Hypocrites

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Wednesday Night Coincidence[NEW EDITED VERSION]
I have just received a most gracious and heartfelt email from Wednesday Night Coincidence which fully explains their faux pas, I am humbled. Of course like most bands WNC are “just a group of friends having a good time” and that is reflected in their brilliantly performed music.

Wednesday Night Coincidence have just launched their new and updated website “08:03:2009″ choosing our Website Template as a framework - thanx :)

My gripe is with bands (unlike Wednesday Night Coincidence) who hypocritically fight to protect their own work while stealing other peoples’.

I find it very funny, over the years I’ve worked with many artists from all disciplines (photographers, painters, sculptors, musicians, writers… often incredibly famous and All highly principled) and the one thing they worry about is copyright - people copying their work. …The music and film industries are almost obsessed with the problem because it costs them so much money, yet, if one looks around some of them are at it too, copying other people’s work and claiming it for themselves.

Unsigned Band Promotion’s Band Website Template is offered free under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License, which means: it’s yours to use and fuck around with freely and as much as you like, but Please Keep Our Link IN. Our Website Template is fully supported, if you have any problems with it just ask - it won’t cost you!

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March 2, 2009

Unsigned Band Promotion UK

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Profile Under ConstructionWhile is developing, I am giving UK bands the chance to advertise and sell their Albums, MP3s or Merchandise from the front page.

Of course I am doing it for free. If you want to add links to your album, MP3 or merchandise go to: Add Your Link to find out what information I need.

As usual I will be promoting the website organically - which means I will not be paying for the privilege of being in the top ten search engine results for my chosen keywords. It would have helped if I’d chosen some keywords!!!

In Conversation With Bands,
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