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February 12, 2009

The Slips - Electro Band London

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the slips electro band london

The Slips

The Slips are an electro band from London. They asked me ever so nicely if I’d do a little feature? Why not? Here it is.

Even though The Slips have only been going for just over a year (formed summer 2007), they are already generating a storm in the electro scene. David Treahearn and Rob Haggett (The Slips) come with a pedigree and a neon sign that says, "successful future", having worked alongside the renowned Mark Stent in his London studio and with everyone from Madonna and Gwen Stefani to Bjork, Massive Attack and FischerSpooner - they sure seem to be going places, so they say.

But what do I know about them apart from what I read: "Super-hot upcoming electro duo with their super-hot CSS remix" says Rob da Bank, Radio 1, "Dirty Daft Punk funk which out LCD’s LCD Soundsystem" - Clash Magazine, and what I hear on The Slips’s MySpace page?

the slips electro band london ukUnfortunately, I would not say that The Slips’s website is pulsating, gloriously bouncy or super-hot [Oh! You thought this was going to be a "Band Review". No, this is a "Band’s Website Review" - sort of!] considering these two guys are super high tech - I’m very disappointed.

The Positively Good Bits The first thing you see on The Slips’s website is (their logo): "Enter Your Email" so you can begin to download their free remixes, not many bands do this as well as The Slips. There’s a payoff (great), The Slips get your email, you get their "gloriously bouncy bit of electro-glitch disco" (quote London Metro) RMX as a free download - and that is perfect and almost enough to satisfy my taste buds.

The home page has some textual content on, including good contact details, but that’s it, nothing else!

The Negatively Nasty Bits Well actually the list is so long it’s embarrassing, so I’m only going to highlight the main points. Taking it from the top: The website address redirects to, and a redirect usually employs <FRAMES>, it’s not totally disastrous, but it thins down the promotional effectiveness of the main URL - This is a very common problem, a lot of bands do it, especially redirecting to MySpace.

The real main page ‘’ does not Validate. There are loads of errors caused mainly by the mostly missing/incorrect DOCTYPE declaration. The IMG alt tag is also missing - a keywords opportunity missed.

The <TITLE> tag is ‘The Slips’ which is too short, use up to 40 characters including the spaces. Put your band’s name first, use lowercase and no punctuation e.g: ‘the slips electro rock band london’. The <DESCRIPTION> meta tag is missing. You need this. Basically you need a short readable sentence with minimal punctuation of no more than 150 characters including spaces - put the band’s name first. The <KEYWORDS> meta tag is missing. Only include the most frequently used keywords contained within the title, description and the webpage, use lowercase - the keywords meta tag is not vital.

Of course I could go on, but I’m not going to because what’s missing from their website is real content and purpose to be there, the home page is really just a click-through portal to The Slips’s MySpace page, it should be the other way around, there are no other pages on their website. For more information about what The Slips should do with their website, see: SEO for Bands. The Slips have 11679 MySpace friends at time of writing, and this should translate to about 7 committed fans or should I say voracious customers. Those seven committed fans need to be identified, contacted and cherished.

The Slips - 7' vinyl, A: Girls at the Back Up, B: Cadillac Crash - $6.99The Slips released a 7" single Girls At The Back Up in the States as part of LA based IAMSOUND’s Singles Club, reaching No. 6 on The Hype Machine on the day of the release - awesome BUY it NOW - Click Here - $6.99 uses PayPal or you can BUY NOW From iTunes - MP3s or 7′ vinyl with including DRM-free MP3s.

Editors Note [23.02.2010]: The Slips have recently updated their Website and they now have a shiny new one. So I’ve updated these links, they no longer point to!

main photograph copyright Joe Hunt & The Slips


  1. It’s nice to see someone as pernickety as I am about websites, but I do think you are a little too harsh on them. Music and Internet know-how rarely mix in the way that I’d love em to, normally bands just use myspace or a blog so kudos to them for actually putting up their own website. They really should get a fan that actually knows how to make websites though. Bribe em with free tickets or something :P

    Comment by Nathan — February 12, 2009 @ 6:01 pm

  2. Hi Nathan,

    Thanx for the comment. Sorry if I sounded harsh dear readers. I didn’t mean to be, I was aiming for blunt ;)

    Building a website is a challenge for anybody, in fact, the better you are at it the bigger the challenge. But don’t feel too sorry for The Slips, the post contains about 12 links going to their various web addresses, with 3 of the links pointing to iamsoundrecords and itunes encouraging readers of this blog to buy, buy, buy.


    Comment by ian — February 12, 2009 @ 11:19 pm

  3. Hi everyone. It looks like this band have actually listened! check out

    Comment by Neil — February 19, 2010 @ 6:04 pm

  4. Nice work guys, I love the new look, good luck with it. See:
    of course :)

    Comment by ian — February 21, 2010 @ 11:41 pm

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