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November 17, 2008

God Is In The TV Zine

Filed under: Band Sponsorship, Band Promotion — ian @ 7:02 pm

God Is In The TV Zine - the independent music and culture webzineI’ve just read an article - that I think all unsigned bands should read - on God Is In The TV Zine by Bill Cummings called Take a stake in a band.

The Article describes how The Race, a male and female fronted, 5 piece alt. indie band from Reading, intend to raise money through a scheme called "The Stakeholder Fund". It is a great idea, and one that I have always advocated. It is not a new idea however, in 2002 Jake Shillingford (click on /Invest) of Exileinside was one of the pioneers of the Do-It-Yourself approach to promoting and marketing his band and music through the internet and Web 2.0.

I also love The Race’s idea of "PASS IT ON" …follow the links and read "Take a stake in a band" to find out more. And while you are there, join GIITTV.

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