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October 7, 2008

Fancorps - Street Team Management

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Fancorps - Street Team ManagementI’ve been interested in "Fans" for ages because they’re obviously So important to a band’s success. And recently there have been some very thought provoking and inspiring articles on the subject: Kevin Kelly’s - 1000 True Fans, From Exposure to Conversion "How to Create a Real Fan" - Part 1 and From Exposure to Conversion "How to Create a Real Fan" - Part 2. Then there is Fancorps who caught my eye over the last eighteen months, so I emailed them and asked for some blurb. They referred me to their website! And that was from Marketing & Client Relations - God bless them –I hope that isn’t indicative of their service!

What They Say and I quote:
Fancorps are a software provider in the form of a social network [Ed. Oh, it’s Web 2.0 again!]. We have created a unique environment that enables a band or record label to build, organize, maintain, and manage a grass-roots "street team".
We are NOT a street team and we do not provide you with street teamers. We do not have hundreds or thousands of willing volunteers waiting to promote your project. Fancorps believes that your street team should be built from your most devoted friends, family, fans and followers.
[Ed. and the bit that sort of worries me:] it is essential for you to reach out to your current mailing list, MySpace, Facebook and other social network friends and encourage users to join your team
They do continue, but you can visit their website if you want more.

So, Fancorps are about communication and tools that will help You run Your street team - which seems fair and that’s what I like about them. They call it a "Street Team Management Community" which fits in well (almost) with another article that I like: The only thing wrong with Music 2.0 is your mental model of how it should work - by Bruce Warila –can you imagine the Fan Pulling Power of six like minded, same genre bands joining together, synchronizing and using 6 sets of devoted fans, friends and family and 6 sets of mailing lists, MySpace, Facebook and other social networking friends. Powerful to say the least!

Unfortunately Fancorps have given themselves a militaristic look - that I’m not too keen on as a Pacifist, and the cost could be a little high for some bands at $50 per month for just 250 members.

My advice (for what it’s worth!), give Fancorps a go if you can afford it, otherwise/and also, work and join with other bands to build a humungus fanbase (and don’t just use them to fill pay-to-play venues) that would cost you a fuckin’ fortune per month on Fancorps.

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  1. Just to note, I am a fan of Fancorps :)

    Comment by ian — October 7, 2008 @ 11:49 pm

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