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August 11, 2008

Band Name & Domain Name

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Name Pistol - Band Name GeneratorI received an email from Lee Parnham of Name Pistol - the band name generator with intelligence - and I thought, "A band name generator should also be a domain name generator". I wondered if it was, so I generated three names and Googled them (with quotation marks and ending in Band): "BROOKLYN REBEL VOYAGE" Band, "EVIL SHAKEDOWN" Band, "EVIL KARMA DOLLS" Band and Hey Presto, much satisfaction, I found no results, the band name generator seemed to work :)

A band’s website needs a short memorable domain name that Is the band’s name - it’s what everyone expects. But what happens if your band’s name is being used by someone else either as a trading name, as a domain name or both? You will have to:

  • establish who has the right to use the name
  • re-think the domain name, e.g. try:
    • []
    • []
    • []
    • [] (US, EU or whatever)
  • try negotiating with the other party (seek professional legal advice - sounds expensive!)
  • completely change your band’s name and therefore your domain name

Your band’s name needs to be one or two memorable words that reflect your band’s image, sound and genre. Choosing a band name isn’t easy, but it’s quite good fun using Name Pistol. When you’ve eventually selected your cool band name, make sure it’s O.K. to use it.

Test your chosen band name:

Name Pistol the band name generator will give you thousands of cool unused band names for most popular genres.

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