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June 2, 2008

Band Sponsorship - UBP Band Sponsorship Program!

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Band Sponsorship - It's Time To Earn Some Do$h

Unsigned Band Promotion ~ Supporting Bands

Need some extra cash?

I think this is a first - Unsigned Band Promotion will sponsor your band by giving you the opportunity to earn some money from your Micro-Site

Running a band, recording, producing and selling an album requires dedication, expertise and money. Most independent bands need help, and the best people to get help from are your fans, friends and family (with the odd professional thrown in). As a ‘friend’, I am able to help your band by making you a Micro-Site. A Micro-Site will promote your band’s name & Website and of course, I do it all for nothing, there’s no charge, no catches, they’re totally free - I’m Supporting You.

And Now, a Micro-Site can help you earn some extra money. When a visitor lands on your Micro-Site they are only one click away from supporting you financially, because you can now own the Money Earning Links.

4 Ways You Can Earn Money From Your Micro-Site

  1. Buy CD Now & Merchandise Links (CD Baby etc. etc.)
  2. Google AdSense Links
  3. Affiliate Links
  4. PayPal Donation Links

If your band already has a Micro-Site get in contact with or for the required information:

Feedback is always important, I welcome your comments, ideas, questions and information. I try to respond as soon as I can.

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  1. We have been looking for a free sponsor for months. We need to get our new CD out there to the public and possibly get some more fans. We are a local band out of Campbell County, TN named N.E.L.(Nothing Else Left). If you would like to check us out or maybe help us out go to our myspace page our website will be up soon. Thank you for your time. Your site is great and I would love to donate as soon as I get any money being a band is one helacious expense.

    Comment by Josh Young — July 21, 2009 @ 3:46 pm

  2. Hi Josh, Thanks for thinking of Unsigned Band Promotion and wanting to donate :) Yeah you’re right, being in a band is very expensive. Don’t just rely on profile pages to do it for you though, invest in yourselves by getting a real website. You have been together for over three years, you should have a website by now that reflects your band’s image, genre and lifestyle. Don’t forget, a well run website can bring in a big contribution.

    Comment by ian — July 22, 2009 @ 9:10 am

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