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May 30, 2008

How To Get More Targeted Hits On Your Website

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Have you ever been woken up by a slap around the face at a gig when the band first blasted out their opening song? They got your attention right at the off and you were hooked from the first nano-second. That, Is band promotion and it is the same Online.

Note: driving traffic to your band’s Website does not mean more music sales. It is Targeted Website Traffic that eaquals more sales. Targeted traffic are visitors who are interested in your genre.

How to get more targeted traffic on your Website.

To start: the index.html page is normally your web server’s default opening page. It’s the page everyone sees first, it is your opening number and your shop window. Important? That’s an understatement. The opening page has to work on two levels, it must satisfy the visitor and the search engine. The visitor is satisfied with good design, usability and entertainment. The search engine is satisfied with content. Create a simple website that conforms to: W3C standards ( and accessibility standards (, is entertaining and bursting with Content, then you will not have to worry about SEO and browser compatibility. Those four actions may increase your music sales almost instantly.

rock bands berkshire on google
rock bands berkshire on google

If you want to be #1 in Google for "Rock Bands Berkshire", put ‘rock band berkshire’ in your Website’s title tag and in the main body of textual content. Being found for something else other than your band’s name is important.

Seek to get backlinks from: very like minded, same genre Websites. niche and/or genre specific directories. forums & newsgroups and by commenting in blogs. fans & friends homepages. Linking should always be natural, organic and friendly.

Create a number of profiles (not all with the same content) on social networking sites and link back to your band’s Website. Then Network. Social Networking Sites - a list

Give the visitor a reason to visit your site and for returning - maybe give something away.

Targeted Visitors - Yum Yum

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