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May 27, 2008

MySpace Versus A Real Website - sort of

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MenendezWhile making a free website for a friend’s daughter’s band Menendez in 2004, I discovered UKBands1. And because I enjoyed the experience of Menendez, UKBands and SEO (Search Engine Optimization), I set-up Unsigned Band Promotion and here I am writing the blog and trying to help bands with their Website promotion issues. But, as more and more bands move over to MySpace and give up their Websites in favour of a profile, I wonder if I’m wasting my time being so “all inclusive” and think, maybe I should choose a band or five and just concentrate on them?

I’ve been working on Website promotion techniques for ages, and most of what I know has been included in the Micro-Sites that I make free for bands. Micro-Sites aim to promote the band’s: Name, Website, Genre and locale - they’re worth having a Website for! I have been promoting Micro-Sites for a while, but I have only made around 30! Why? When I first came up with the idea I was scared that I would be inundated with requests. How wrong I was. Why wouldn’t a band want their Website to be found in the top five search results in Google for ‘Rock Bands Liverpool’ or whatever? MySpace I think - bands just don’t care. A band said to me in reply to my: ‘I don’t make Micro-Sites to promote MySpace, PureVolume and profiles in general. You need a real Website’, “We’re not bothering with a Website anymore because MySpace is the way forward”.

If you want to move forward as a band, make some money and be taken seriously by the music industry, you need a Website. A Profile Page isn’t a Website, it’s a small part of a much larger Website that you don’t own or have control of. MySpace isn’t YourSpace, it’s Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation’s space, put a foot wrong and your killer MySpace Profile might suddenly disappear!

Your band’s Website should be at the top of the promotion, marketing pyramid and your many Profile Pages should form the strong foundation that feed your Website with targeted visitors.

If you need help along the way… get in touch.

Note: 1. along with many others, I have left UKBands, we now frequent TEO Music Forum

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