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May 26, 2008

Unsigned Band Promotion’s Blog - First Post

Filed under: Band Promotion — ian @ 11:37 am

First post, and it’s been a long time coming! When I first started thinking about the Unsigned Band Promotion Website early in 2004, I was thinking about creating a blog. Well, here it is!

I get a lot of emails asking for help and the one thing that amazes me is their lack of information. Here’re three recent examples (I quote verbatim & in total):
“We have a professionall produced CD. If you have interest in more listening, please send name and address and we will pack it off!”
“We are having trouble with promotion of our band and would love your help, please email us with any information.”
“Check us out. Promote us!”

Yeah, they’re short and to the point - I’ve no problem with that, short I like. But there’s one thing missing. Contact Details. Apart from the email address contained within the email itself, there’s nothing. No: contact name, band name, telephone number, website address. Nothing.
TIP: Put your contact details on EVERYTHING, and I mean everything, even your dick if you’ve got one.
Then I can visit your Website and help you! –And it’s not just me complaining: promoters, DJs and booking agents are all saying the same.

“Later Dude”

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