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Andy Kostek

Andy Kostek is a Folk Rock singer/songwriter from Southampton, Hampshire. His guitar playing is absolutely awesome, especially when performing to a close an intimate audience. Andy's influences are many - he has embraced many genres over twenty years - his main inspiration comes from '80s rock bands, his personal favourites come from his heroes, Gary Moore, Mark Knofler and Dave Gilmore.


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2009: My Mirage
2008: One by one

Andy Kostek My Mirage, 11 tracks - CD price: $10.99, MP3 price: $9.99 on CD Baby

Andy Kostek @ One by one, 16 tracks - CD price: $7.99, MP3 price: $5.99 on CD Baby

Andy Kostek folk rock singer songwriter Southampton Hampshire

UBP: When did you get into music Andy?

Andy Kostek: When I was a kid, I used to watch my brother in law play the guitar and I always wanted to have a go, one Christmas when I was about 14 I got his old acoustic guitar, there was no looking back after that, and a lot of annoying the neighbours.

UBP: How would you describe your music?

Andy Kostek: That's a really hard question, because I like so many genres I find I mix my style up a lot, a little rock, a little folk, and good deal of indie/alternative too, my main influences came from 80's rock bands, I just loved those long guitar solo's.

UBP: So, what are you looking to do with the music now?

Andy Kostek: I've taken it all step by step really. Got into recording more as a hobby, but with so much positive feedback I ended up doing "One By One" my latest CD. I would love to start gigging and go on tour at some stage, also record more, perhaps even get into doing soundtracks for film. My heart is really in playing live though, and I will be focusing on that next.


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Andy Kostek Official Website
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