Ian Robson
Location: Berkshire, United Kingdom
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UnsignedBandPromotion are Website Promoters For Independent Bands. Our promotion techniques focus solely on the band's website, and we are continually looking for alternative and new ways to get bands' websites noticed by fans, search engines and the music industry.

Hello, my name is Ian I'm the founder of UnsignedBandPromotion, I've been working on online promotion techniques since 1994. In August 2004 I became interested in "specialising" in website promotion for independent bands whilst creating a free website for a friend's daughter's band.

During my overly thorough research for their website I discovered a common problem: about 77% of bands have some sort of real website, but only about 30% of bands are in Google's top ten results for their band's name! Being found by your band's name is a fundamental necessity. Actually, most new fans will find your website through a recommendation (as in a link or from a flyer), only someone who already knows your name will search for it. But if they do know your band's name, they must find you when searching. The simple answer is: Get the structure of the website correct. Build a network of reciprocal links from very like minded websites. Promote the band's website address with conventional advertising, i.e., flyers, posters, reviews, etc., and that's what UnsignedBandPromotion is all about!

My idea is: to help bands by showing them how to improve their websites with regard to website promotion. And to do it for free for any band. My Keywords are: dedication, service, simplicity, purity and harmony.

If you would like to join UnsignedBandPromotion and become a Website Collaborator to help indie Artists, Musicians and Bands please contact info@unsignedbandpromotion.com

On a personal note, I am your contact and the main worker within UnsignedBandPromotion, I am a firm believer in the Open Source movement, my design philosophy is: keep it simple.

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